Guy with Mohawk builds ‘Golden Girls’ LEGO set

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Don’t let Samuel Hatmaker’s name fool you. The 40-year-old — who has a pretty dope Mohawk, btw — doesn’t make hats. He makes LEGO’s that look like episodes of “The Golden Girls.” (Sounds like a joke, but it’s not. Seriously.) And thanks to LEGO Ideas and 10,000 online supporters, a ‘Golden Girls’ comeback might start production as official LEGO merchandise. Not the comeback everyone would first wish for, but almost all of them are dead so fans will take what they can get.
According to an interview Hatmaker gave to, the New Yorker started the project as a way to keep busy during the winter.
Hatmaker told the website he decided to turn “The Golden Girls” into LEGO’s because it’s a timeless show. “I watched it as a child and thought it was funny. Many of the jokes went over my head. I watch it now, and it is still brilliant,” Hatmaker told
When images of the meticulously designed pieces of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia — even Stan Zbornak —surfaced on the internet last week, Hatmaker’s winter hobby went viral. The images included reenactments of memorable moments from the such, including the time Rose stole back her teddy bear from that mean red-headed girl scout and when Dorothy ‘grabbed that dough.’
The design was submitted as a proposal to LEGO Ideas, where LEGO sets created by fans go through a process to be considered as the next official product for the toy brand.
First, a proposal is submitted with photos to Once 10,000 supporters vote for the idea, the LEGO Review Board carefully considers turning the idea into the next product sold in stores.
So what happens if the idea — which is currently in the review phase — becomes the next LEGO set sold in stores? Well, our guess is that they’ll be sold fast; which would be great for Hatmaker, because the creator gets one-percent of total net sales.

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