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Weekender’s Ultimate College Lip Sync Kohntest

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Local pop duo Kohn, of Dallas, wants to perform at your college campus for free — but there’s a catch. We’re going to make you work for it. You have to make a lip-sync music video to one of Kohn’s songs.
The request kicks off Weekender’s Ultimate College Lip-Sync Kohntest. Any college club or organization in Northeastern Pennsylvania is invited to participate. It’s pretty simple: Grab at least four club or organization representatives, pick an original song by Kohn at YouTube.com/KohnOfficialMusic and upload a video lip-syncing at least 90 seconds of the music.
Kohn was recently named one of 25 finalists in Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star contest.
“We were so surprised and super excited,” Kohner said. “If we win this contest, we’ll be the only opening act for a huge music festival; and we’ll perform on the iHeartRadio float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.”
Kohn is campaigning for support from the community via social media. Votes can be cast now through April 21, by visiting macys.iheart.com.
Before they hit it big, you can have them perform at your campus.
The official rulers are as follows:
1. There must be four representatives from the campus club in the video. You most certainly are allowed to have more than four as well as students who are not in the club, but you have to have FOUR who are current members.
2. The video must show school spirit. If you want to add your mascot or film it on the football field, be our guest!
3. Videos must be uploaded to Youtube, shared video on Facebook and tag the Weekender’s page, and lastly, email [email protected] with the video, club’s name, members full names, and school association. ​
4. All this must be done by by 11:59 p.m on Sunday, April 19.
5. The winner will be picked by Weekender staff and will be announced in the Wednesday, April 22 issue.
6. The winning club will have Kohn perform live at their school sometime during the last week of April.
And remember, don’t mess it up.

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