Mike Murray : Publisher

Mike Murray


Mike Murray is a senior executive who has over 45 years’ experience, with a diverse sales and marketing background in print and digital media, including newspapers and magazines. In addition to his publishing roles, Murray has served as President of a full-service advertising agency specializing in the financial field, Senior Vice President for a major publicly traded media concern, Vice President for a private media company, and Managing Partner for a private consulting firm, with an emphasis on management restructuring and cost containment. Murray also has served as a partner in a small media group.
He has been instrumental in developing and leading consumer-related services and has been nationally recognized for his work in the media industry. Murray also has been a member of both industry and non-industry-related boards and has been a featured speaker on newspaper development.

Matt Mattei : Editor/Arts & Entertainment

Matt Mattei

Editor/Arts & Entertainment

Matt Mattei loves hard cover books and vinyl records. He is passionate about documenting life in its most creative and experiential frequencies, and he is an avid supporter of local artists, businesses and cultural events. When he’s not writing for the A&E department, he’s usually among family or friends, pretending to be a musician.

Rob Ostrowski : Media Sales Consultant

Rob Ostrowski

Media Sales Consultant

Rob Ostrowsk is a Media Sales Consultant for The Weekender.

Rob Ostrowski sees advertising not simply as the lifeblood of a business but also as an artform. He’s born-and-bred NEPA, with sales experience ranging from the financial sector to home furnishings. During his spare time, you’ll typically find him ranting semi-coherently about (depending on the time of year) the Dallas Cowboys or New York Mets!