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Will You Accept This Recap? Week 5: Finally, the two-on-one

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There’s really only place to start this week’s recap: the two-on-one. And boy was it eventful as ever.

Believe it or not, but the date played out exactly as I expected it. Like the entire thing.

You could tell from the beginning that David was going to focus on Jordan while Jordan would try to take the high road. And that’s exactly what happened.

Jordan even showed some of his non-model side when he shared that revealing story about his parents to Becca, and it was the difference, initially.

With David finally gone, I was eager to see how Jordan would do on his own. Welp, it went just about as well as you thought it would. Becca gave Jordan a legitimate shot, and the model found a way to screw it up.

I’m starting to think that all Jordan can do is talk about being a model. I know, shocking.

OK, so Brigid, settle it once and for all; are you on Team Jordan with me or not?

Brigid: I have to say, the date went exactly as I thought too. I was proud of Jordan for taking the high ground like he did, but at the end of the day, there is no substance there. Becca definitely did give him a fair shot, but Jordan’s entire life is Jordan. I didn’t see much chemistry between the two, nor did I see any potential. In the end, I think Becca made the right choice, and the guys’ reaction when Jordan’s suitcase was taken away really summed up my feelings too: It’s finally over. I am not Team Jordan or Team David; I’m glad they’re both gone.

DJ: Another big moment was Chris’ meltdown on the group date. The guy got so cocky after his musical number stole the show early on in the date, and he let it get to his head. Just because you did well during the activity portion of the date doesn’t mean you should just sit back and relax during the after party. Dude, you’re one of like 10 guys left fighting for a woman. You gotta build off of your early success, not ride it.

It just built from there. It was one mistake after another from Chris. He has to be going home next week, right?

Brigid: I was shocked by his attitude on this date. Granted, based on their one-on-one, I definitely felt Chris had the advantage in this date, and he did steal the show. I was so happy for him for a moment; then he just went off the deep end. Even if you think you were so amazing on the group date, you can’t be so arrogant to think you don’t need to talk to Becca at all. Chris went from being one of my top choices to easily falling into the bottom for me. I think it was a sham that Venmo John went home over Chris after his attitude this whole episode. I don’t see him lasting that much longer.

DJ: Another takeaway from the group date had to be Blake. Another strong week for Blake. He made the most of his brief time with Becca, and she’s falling more and more for him. I mean, we definitely know that he is. I’m calling my shot now: Blake makes it to the Final 2 only to get rejected and become The Bachelor.

Brigid: I could get behind Blake for The Bachelor. He seems very genuine, and he doesn’t have any baggage that makes him a controversial contestant like Garrett and Lincoln. Blake and Becca are definitely vibing very well, and I’m excited to see where it goes. He is definitely Top 2 material, which will make it so much more heartbreaking when she picks Garrett.

DJ: Can I just point out that I love the foreshadowing ABC did at the start of Colton’s one-on-one date? The “Virgin River” sign was a great touch.

But in all seriousness, I came away impressed with Colton. He’s often come off disingenuous to me, but with the Tia situation behind him — and I say that loosely, obviously — he really came into his own this week. And you can definitely feel that Becca’s vibing him too.

Brigid: Absolutely. I still have a sour taste in my mouth with the whole Tia thing, but he was definitely in his element on this date. The chemistry is definitely there. However, my favorite part about Colton’s role in this episode was sitting between David and Jordan while the rest of the guys were on the group date. It was nothing short of hilarious, and he handled it like a champ.

DJ: We learned some pretty revealing intel at the end of the episode. There’s an — what I’m calling — International Five: Garrett, Blake, Colton, Wills and Jason.

To be honest, none of the five are surprising picks. Except the fact that I find Wills super boring, even though he’s surprisingly aggressive toward Chris, and rightfully so. It was a shocking response for the mild-mannered Wills, which is good to see. He’s really in it for Becca. They just seem like an odd couple to me.

But with that being said, my Hometown Four has changed. Garrett and Blake aren’t going anywhere, but Colton and Jason moved up the ranks. Becca’s extremely attracted to Colton, and Jason reminds me so much of Adam from Rachel’s season. He’s the guy that’ll be in it for a while only to fall just short.

Sorry, Wills. You slid back a spot this week.

Brigid, what say you?

Brigid: Actually, I also fell in love with Wills this week. Up until this episode, I didn’t really feel any way toward him, but the fact that he stood up to Chris to get his time back was amazing. No one ever does that, and Wills had every right to. I didn’t find it aggressive, more standing his ground, which I applaud. I could see him going all the way to hometowns.

I agree with your Hometown Four, except I think I might switch out Colton and Wills. I think ultimately Colton will come up short in this competition, but in plenty of time to make Paradise.

By DJ Eberle and Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence

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Reach DJ Eberle on Twitter @ByDJEberle and Brigid Edmunds-Lawerence on Twitter @brigidedmunds.

Reach DJ Eberle on Twitter @ByDJEberle and Brigid Edmunds-Lawerence on Twitter @brigidedmunds.