QUICK CHORD: Moral Code, Lights Go Down, and Pictures of Vernon

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    Moral Code

    Scranton, Pa.

    Sounds like: Punk — with catchy guitar riffs and lyrics that get stuck with you. They’re influenced by bands like Hum, Daylight, and Such Gold.

    Fun fact: Kenny their bassist and vocalist used to follow their guitarist Billy around in high school like his number one fan. Kenny says that Billy’s first band Far from honored, was his first “rock show.”

    Find them: facebook.com/MoralCode570, moralcode570.bandcamp.com

    Lights Go Down

    Los Angeles, Calif.

    Sounds like: Pop punk — their sound is filled with high energy and brings a fresh take to the older pop punk sound.

    Fun fact: Lights Go Down’s Vocalist Jason Dunn was in the Canadian Christian rock band Hawk Nelson.

    Find them: lightsgodown.com, facebook.com/lightsgodownmusic,

    soundcloud.com/lightsgodownmusic, Twitter/Instagram: @officialLGD,

    Pictures of Vernon

    Greensboro, N.C.

    Sounds like: Twinkly emo that’s influenced by bands like Tiny Moving Parts, The Hotelier, and Algernon Cadwallader.

    Fun fact: The band is named after their guitar player’s dog, Vernon. The members of Pictures of Vernon all used to play in bad pop punk bands.

    Find them: facebook.com/picturesofvernon, picturesofvernon.bandcamp.com,

    Twitter: @pctrsofvernon