Q&A with The Hulk at this year’s Wizard World’s Comic Con

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    Actor Lou Ferrigno signs autographs during a recent Wizard World Chicago Comic Con at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois

    Jerry Milani, public relations manager of Wizard World’s Comic Con, said “Lou Ferrigno can pretty much go anywhere at any time and draw a big crowd.”

    At Philly’s Comic Con media party, Weekender had the opportunity to catch up with the Incredible Hulk.

    Weekender: You go to a lot of these conventions. What brings you back? What’s the draw?

    Lou Ferrigno: Well the excitement, the fans, the fact that the shows gets bigger and bigger so I’m always meeting more fans. I like the fans to feel incredible, plus I feel incredible being with them because it’s a personal touch.

    W: How do you feel that your show, “The Incredible Hulk,” laid the groundwork for all the Marvel movies out today?

    LF: It all started with the Hulk series. Because of the Hulk, you wouldn’t have had success today. It laid the groundwork for superheroes. But still today, the Hulk is number one for me even 40 years later.

    W: What have you been working on recently?

    LF: I had a movie that came out called “Scorpion King 4.” My last movie that came out is called “Avengers Grimm.” I’m now leaning more towards action films and good character acting.

    W: What’s your favorite type of character to play?

    LF: I would say more like a liberator character. More like a heroic guy where we give back to society and at the same time fighting justice.

    W: Just like the Hulk!