What are you up to this weekend? Here’s what we’re doing.

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Colleen Harding

Sarah Haase

Jeric Foulds

Samantha Stanich

Matt Dunn

Justin Adam Brown

Héctor González

Summer is almost officially here. Here’s what we’re doing to prepare. What are you doing this weekend?

Sarah: “Going to Grotto at Harveys Lake. It’s Weekender’s first Sizzlin’ Summer Series outdoor party. You’re invited too, so stop by.”

Jeric: “Starting the weekend off right with pizza, wings, and the Weekender crew for the start of the Sizzlin’ Summer Series at Grotto.”

Samantha: “Having some gluten-free pizza at Grotto. It is one of the best around!”

Justin: “Recovering from Weekender’s Sizzlin’ Summer Series. It’s going to be a great kickoff party on Friday at The Grotto.”

Gene: “I’m either going home for my cousin’s grad party or staying here and going to our first Sizzlin’ Summer Series party at Grotto. Either way, I plan on getting good pizza.”

Matt: “Kicking off the Sizzlin’ Summer Series.”

Colleen: “Getting some drinks and grub at Flo’s in Mountain Top.”

Hector: “Moving back to the Big Apple to make more art and movies and stuff. It’s been real, Weekender.”

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