SECURELY FASHIONED: Suits you? The do’s & don’ts of water wear

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First Posted: 7/23/2013

It’s hot. That’s no surprise. If you haven’t by now, you are probably digging out your stack of mismatched bathing suits, or the always fun…shopping for a bathing suit! Guys have it pretty easy. Swim trunks, speedo, or thong. Hopefully, most will stick to the swim trunks. Unless you are on the French Riviera.or Ibiza. Then rock and roll, sir!

Girls have bikinis, tankinis, padded, lightly lined, halter, string, boy short, low rise, mid-rise, high-rise, scoop ,thong, one piece with shorts, one piece with skirt, one piece with no straps , one piece with magic tape, etc. It’s crazy.

I tend to look like a 13-year-old girl in a one piece, but some people look amazing in them.

Just remember the loose skirted suits tend to create a floaty ring around you once in the water. The skirt poofs out and floats. Great for the ocean or water park, but not so hot for the pool. And speaking of the family pool, keep it modest; no family member needs to see too much. You can keep your cute itsy bitsy bikini, but just slip over a tank or cover up. No one needs to be staring at your cleavage while eating their BBQ. They have enough breasts on their plate.

Let’s talk about water parks. Again, don’t be trashy, but you don’t need to completely cover up. Just remember, if you don’t have a snug fit, you can easily lose your top on some of the water rides. And we’ve all had the misfortune of getting that super wedgy on the steep and fast water slide. If your bottoms are anything less than boy shorts, the g -force will turn your bathing suit bottoms into a g-string.

Cover ups are fantastic. If you are feeling a little giggly, just put on a lightweight cover up. Poof! Instant beach chic. Some cover ups also have a porous material that still allow you to get some sun.

Always use sunscreen and sunglasses. Skin cancer is not cute. If bronzing is your goal, check out a sunscreen with instant tanner like Australian Gold Spray Gel Sunscreen with instant Bronzer SPF 30. Works like a charm. On my first trip to the beach this season, I slathered this delish smelling stuff all over and didn’t even get pink, just a nice golden bronze. It’s also water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

There is also some very effective UV-blocking beachwear for the whole family at or

Whatever you do…

• Check out the Bon Ton clearance store at The Mall at Steamtown for $10 bathing suit separates.

• Visit Dress Me Up Jewelry and Accessories Boutique at 1355 N Main Avenue in Scranton for a great Maxi dress in this season’s trendy patterns to wear as a cover up.

• Don’t overthink the suit. Just be comfortable, dress appropriately for the occasion, and enjoy the summer!

-Erin Rovin has been working in the entertainment industry for 10 years and writes for various national gossip publications. You can reach Erin at