GET YOUR GAME ON: Hype for ‘Injustice’ is justified

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First Posted: 4/22/2013

It’s finally here! My most anticipated game since last year’s E3, “Injustice: Gods Among Us” is the newest game from one of my favorite studios, NetherRealm. NetherRealm is known for its classic fighting series “Mortal Kombat,” and “Injustice” is a dream come true for me, as it brings together two of my favorite things: fighting games and superheroes.

Using the same fighting engine from last year’s “Mortal Kombat 9,” Injustice is a fighter featuring a who’s who from the DC Comics universe. All the big names are here: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and much more. The idea behind “Injustice” is just brilliant; now we get to see who would win in a fight between your favorite comic heroes in gloriously over-the-top and violent HD battles.

The first thing you notice when you start this game is the amazing graphics and attention to detail. This game is full of fan service and is just a pure delight for DC Comics fans. Each of the characters look and sound great. Most have updated designs, but they look like they are ripped right off the pages of a comic book, and they hired all of the voice talent from the animated versions of “Justice League,” “Superman: The Animated Series,” and “Batman: The Animated Series.”

Most fighting games don’t tell much of a story, but “Gods Among Us” has a fantastic comic book story. Right at the start, Joker sets off a bomb killing Lois Lane sparking a storyline between Superman and himself. I don’t wont to spoil any of it, but it’s moments like this that set the tone for the game. It is much darker, grittier, and more violent then the average DC Comic, but what else would you expect from a game similar to “Mortal Kombat?”

The striking visuals in this game make the fights looks incredible and truly epic. These titans fight it out in many different settings, from Gotham City, Metropolis, the Bat Cave and much more. Each level is truly breathtaking and has many interactive elements that can be used to turn the tide of the fight. Each of these battles are as truly epic as you would expect; you can punch your opponent through walls, throw cars, use weapons, and Superman can even uppercut a combatant into space!

The controls and gameplay are very similar to “Mortal Kombat.” Each fighter has normal move,s such as punches, kicks, and throws, but they also have a series of special moves and finishers that are unique to each character. Flash has his speed run, Batman has all sorts of gadgets to use, Aquaman can summon sharks, and Green Lantern can use his power ring; every move looks gorgeous and authentic. One great thing is that none of the players feel too overpowered; they are all powerful in their own ways, and it doesn’t seem unfair to pit someone like Catwoman against Shazam because each character has a basic move set and special moves that are very balanced.

A new system that has been added to the game that wasn’t in MK is the “Wager” system. You can trade in some of your special meter for extra health; it is handy at times, but it does artificially lengthen each match. The computer uses it all the time, and it feels like it is cheating in a way. The wagers also have a little scene when they are activating, which sometimes take a long time to watch. It’s interesting, but it does make the fights more tedious than they should be. They are super fun and epic but could be punched up a bit, which would make it more fun.

Just like the other NetherRealm games, the amount of content you can unlock is just absurd; there are several modes such as tutorials, fighting challenges, story, and online play. Each fight also earns you experience, which lets you unlock things like more characters, outfits, concept art, music, and background stages. If you are a completionist like me, this will keep you playing for a very long time.

It is very obvious that this studio knows the subject matter and are big fans themselves because everything about this game is fan service. “Injustice” is a blast to play, looks gorgeous, and is just all-around fun. If you are a comic book nerd or just want a good fighting game, you have to pick this game up today!

-Robbie Vanderveken is the digital operations specialist at The Times Leader. E-mail him at rvanderveken