Do you believe in magic?

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First Posted: 9/30/2014

You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. I’m telling you why. The Long Island Medium is coming to town.

She’s doing her nails. She’s poofing her hair. She’s about to connect you with loved ones who are no longer there.

The buzz about television’s favorite medium coming to the area is causing everyone to question whether or not connecting with spirits is possible? Is there such thing as intuition that can connect people with loved ones or tell them there future?

Weekender stopped by the University of Scranton’s campus to find out if the students have ever been to a psychic or a medium and asked what there thoughts are on people who claim to connect with spirits or predict the future.

Kerry Callahan, Long Island, New York – “No. I do believe in psychics and mediums. I’m just afraid of what they’ll tell me.”

Christine Moleti, Frankin Lakes, New Jersey – “No, but I am going to see the Long Island Medium next week when she comes to the area. A group of my friends and I are getting a group reading. Some of them had some tragedy in their lives in the past year, so it should be interesting.”

Stephen Page, Scranton – “No, because I am a Christian. I believe in scripture. I believe in the supernatural, though, because I believe in the Bible, but I believe my answers should come from scripture and not mediums or psychics.”

Bryn Frankhouser, Philadelphia – “No. I don’t believe that stuff is real.”

Josephine Colonna, Wayne, New Jersey – “I never went to one, but I love watching ‘Long Island Medium’ because I love her personality. I don’t believe she can really connect with people, but I just love her personality.”

Joe Fiorillo, Scranton – “I went to one on the boardwalk at Ocean City this summer. She said she would give me a free reading. I think it’s because she wanted in my pants.”

Luis Melgar, Simpson – “No way. I think they’re a waste of money.”

Mark Cristiano, Sedar Grove, New Jersey – “I dated this girl who said she was a psychic. She was nuts.”