Frills of fun

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First Posted: 9/16/2014

Flowers are an integral part for many a couple on their wedding day – yet, despite the careful choosing and the money spent, they wilt and die, leaving little to no trace of their former beauty.

Thankfully, Regular Frills, a business run by Bridget Giunta Husted, helps those who make flowers a big part of a big day hold on to their beauty, seemingly forever.

“I’ve always loved working with paper and have scrapbooks and cards since I was a teenager,” she said of how she started Frills, which specializes in paper flower arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, handcrafted event decor and much more. “It wasn’t until my husband and I were planning our own wedding four years ago that I thought about making paper flowers. I found a how-to video online and, fast-forward sixty or so centerpieces, I was hooked.”

She continues to be self-taught, ever expanding the types of flowers she can make by learning the basics and adding her own spin through color, pattern, size and design.

She uses everything from fabric to paper. Her favorite material to work with is coffee filters.

“These every day, household items are rather unassuming on their own, but they become unbelievably realistic blossoms when paired with paint,” she said. “They absorb color beautifully and are very durable.”

With all the materials and options, choosing what to showcase for your event may be daunting, but Husted has a simple approach to making the best, most fitting bouquet possible.

“Select three or so types of flowers – odd numbers are best – in the color scheme of your choice and make a bunch of each kind. Then, vary the heights of the wire stems, add some leaves, and you’re set.”

Every order that comes to her has a personal touch. She said keeping “the person for whom you’re making the bouquet in mind while creating” is not only essential to a beautiful bouquet, but also fun.

Husted doesn’t go at the time consuming work alone. Her mom, Renee, helps in much of the prep work, cutting, folding and trimming pieces. Her husband Steve also serves as her “in-house photographer and boutonniere model rolled into one.”

Regular Frills is a part of Knot Just Any Day Photography, a business run by the Husted couple and friend John Popko. However, none of it feels like work.

“Making paper flowers does take a lot of patience, but most of the time I find it to be very relaxing.,” Husted said, “except when I burn myself with the hot glue gun!”