QUICK CHORD: Your Pal Frank, Pinegrove, and Red Hands

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First Posted: 8/6/2014

Your Pal Frank

Hughestown, Pa.

Sounds like: DIY acoustic punk — the kind of music you can only see at basement or living rooms. It’s bold enough to resonate within but soft enough not to scream at you.

Fun fact: Your Pal Frank almost named the record ‘I hail from a town based on 5 streets,’ claiming anyone from Hugestown, would understand.

Find them: facebook.com/yourpalfrank, yourpalfrank.bandcamp.com, soundcloud.com/yourpalfrank, Instagram: #yourpalfrank


Montclair, N.J.

Sounds like: Alternative rock infused with elements of lo-fi, math rock, and americana. The lyrics to their songs are honest and you become lost in the moment knowing someone said the words you were searching for. These elements create genuine sound.

Fun fact: Evan’s great-uncle Paul Fisher is the inventor of the Fisher Space Pen.

Find them: pinegrove.bandcamp.com, soundcloud.com/pinegroveband, facebook.com/pinegroveband, Twitter: @pinegroveband

Red Hands

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Sounds like: 90’s influenced post-hardcore to create an energetic sound.

Fun fact: Their vocalist Tyler has a tattoo of a sour patch watermelon because it’s his favorite candy. Jordan, one of band’s the guitarist, loves yoga and practices daily, even on the road.

Find them: facebook.com/everyonehasredhands, everyonehasredhands.bandcamp.com, everyonehasredhands.tumblr.com, Twitter/Instagram: @weareredhands