Yoga pants for men? Yikes!

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First Posted: 9/30/2014

The saying goes, anything boys can do, girls can do better.

Writing Girl Talk, I am a big supporter of this statement. I was raised on the Spice Girls and I lived believing in gender equality, smashing the glass ceiling and most of all, girl power. So what about the flip? Anything girls can do, boys can do better? I don’t think so, especially in the fashion arena.

In my grown up life, I work in fashion. I am fortunate enough to get a look at all of the up and coming seasonal trends so I can be sure to always be on the top of my game. With fall upon us, I was excited for sweaters and boots. What I saw instead, was boys fighting for fashion equality.

A staple in every girl’s wardrobe, no matter the season, is a trusty and always sexy and functional pair of yoga pants. I personally have an entire dresser drawer dedicated to them. When I saw that this fall a designer is coming out with a line of men’s yoga pants, I had to ask my readers if this is OK.

I know that on my body, yoga pants hug every curve. So I tried to get a mental image of the men I know putting themselves into a pair. As much as I love the male anatomy, the mental image of a guy in yoga pants running errands and trolling around town made me lose my appetite for lunch.

Is it just me? I had to know. I posted the question on my fan page to ask the masses their opinion. The general consensus, from both men and women, was a big fat no.

“Aren’t biker shorts bad enough?”

“No one wants to see that, it shows way too much…stuff”

“This should never happen; Never ever”

“They would look lumpy and ridiculous like a side show at a carnival.”

I wanted to do my own test of this theory so I asked my boyfriend to put on a pair of my yoga pants. I just wanted to see if someone I find incredibly attractive on a normal day would be in a different light once the spandex and Lycra happened. Being the good sport that he is, he indulged my experiment for the good of science and inquisitive minds everywhere. (If you’re reading this, I love you for being my guinea pig.)

The test results are in; even someone as sexy as him can’t pull off yoga pants. We have all heard the analogy about a boner in sweatpants, imagine it in yoga pants. So at the end of the day, yoga pants have clearly got girl power. So guys, put on your basketball shorts and leave the yoga pants to us.