The CrossFit journey continues

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First Posted: 2/9/2015

Sarah Haase: Like many offices, the Times Leader has a Glen Summit Springs water cooler in one of our back rooms. There’s an endless supply of fresh, cold water there for us should we want it throughout the day.

Samantha Stanich: I walk in thinking, “This should be easy, he knows it’s Monday.” Wrong. So wrong. Tommy Casey decides to give us “Franks and Beans.” Not the delicious hot dogs mom used to put in Spaghetti-Os, but ones that include double kettlebell swings and 20” box jumps. I had two 26-pound kettlebells in my hands and then had to jump 20 inches. I may complain and whine about everything always hurting, but I am glad to put the work in. I am seeing muscle and improvements in my workouts.

Jeric Foulds: Sam is right, this workout was anything but delicious. Box jumps I can usually handle without a hitch, and my stamina is increasing. I can successfully do many more 20” box jumps than I could on my maiden voyage. However, combining that with 70 pounds worth of kettlebell made this challenge a bit brutal.

Sarah: I started my job in August, when it was hot. I drank lots of water. Occassionally, there would be times when I would go get some and the giant, 5-gallon, heavy water jug would either be empty or nearly empty. Not wanting to take the last of the water without replenishing it, I would just head out for a cup of iced coffee instead.

Samantha: This is my workout heaven. I love jumping roping and anything that has do with leg muscles awakens the soccer player in me. I was able to the 500 single jumps unbroken but realized even though I would crush this workout, it wouldn’t be easy. The 50 lunges took some time and to go straight into 50 squats set my leg muscles on fire.

Jeric: OK, these numbers are high! I find relief in the fact that the workout is calling for jump roping singles and not double unders. Today just singles — and lunge steps — and squats. These are all techniques I can pull off without looking foolish, so I’ll take the soreness that will ensue and go with it. This workout took me a little bit of time because I couldn’t complete the jumps unbroken. Partly because I’m still not in great shape and partly because I still trip over the rope. Some rounds I can go 100 before tripping, other rounds I’m tripping every 20. Two days so far this week and two workouts in, a new milestone.

Samantha: I finished in just over 22 minutes, the middle of the pack. This workout gave me confidence. It showed me there were things I can excel at. I was happy and proud of myself.

Sarah: Laziness? No, weakness. Sure, I can take off the empty jug no problem. Having to pick up the jug and turn it upside down, making sure no water spills, to get it back on top of the cooler is pretty hard. I’m sure I could do it, but it would involve multiple steps or balancing, lifting, resting and praying. I’d prefer to wait for a guy to come along and do it for me.

Jeric: I’ve been doing sit-ups wrong (and actually push-ups too)! All those years of slaving away in gym class doing sit-ups and push-ups and we weren’t even taught the most productive technique. Here, there is no crossing your arms and you throw your whole body forward to touch your toes. It makes them easier (for the first 30 or so) and you still feel the burn in your core. I still have to scale the toes through rings to the candlestick which involves laying on the floor and kicking your legs above your head. Another minor accomplishment occurred today though, I can now complete the V-Twists without dropping my feet during the set.

Sarah: I went to get some water yesterday. The jug was empty. Bone dry. Not even a little sip. I looked at the empty one, then the full one on the ground. After a moment’s hesitation, I went for it. I took off the empty jug. I peeled off the sticker from the new one. The jugs here have a safety valve so if you do drop the 5 gallons of water, it won’t spill all over.

I grabbed the handle with one hand and picked it up with no struggle. In walks one of my coworkers, one of my male coworkers who says “Why don’t you get Bill O’Boyle to do that for you?” Umm, why don’t you offer to do it for me, is what I thought, but instead said, “No way. I got this.”

And I did.

Water for all.

Jeric: I’m slowly getting better at lifts and squats. My technique has drastically improved and the weight on my bar continues to increase. The ring dips were the killer today. I’m still growing the strength to lift my own body weight. Another week in the books, and I’m still thirsty for more. I’ll be a CrossFitter yet.

Samantha: I scaled the ring dips to bench dips with my feet perched on a second bench. This did not seem any easier to me but I felt I was building the strength and technique to conquer a ring dip. The sumo deadlift high pull is one of my favorite moves and I actually do it the right way, without arching my back. I finished the workout in 11:54 and was ready to go home, eat and have a large glass of wine. It’s Friday night and I’m working out, I think I deserve some Chardonnay.