BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS: Great bands Stick Together

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First Posted: 3/17/2014

Every once in a while, we are fortunate to have a show of colossal sorts storm through the backwoods of our town. Whether it is a newer band that has impressed the scene or an old favorite, it is always sure to be a time to remember. This week, I am fortunate and proud to bring to you a show that my friend Hoodrack and I have been working on for about a month now. On Saturday, April 26 at the Glen Lyon American Legion Hall (64 Newport St., Glen Lyon), we will have Stick Together, Give, No Tolerance, Disengage, World War 4, and 3D.

Stick Together will be celebrating the release of our new compilation LP called “No More Second Chances.” This vinyl release contains the previous EPs “No More Games” and “Surviving the Times,” which are out of print, on one convenient 12-inch thanks to Triple-B Records from Boston, Mass. Along with a nice new layout to look at, the record also includes a cover of local heavy hitters Cold World that is previously unreleased. Hopefully that is also foreshadowing for the new Cold World LP as well.

Playing next is one of my favorite current bands — Give from Washington, D.C. For those who are unfamiliar with the relevance of Washington D.C., not only is it our nation’s capital, but it also was one of the most important scenes in punk history. Not only did it produce great bands, it had a noticeable sound and attitude that Give proudly displays in their music. Using melodic elements and poetic lyrics influenced from an array of different genres, Give continues the tradition of D.C. bands, stretching hardcore far beyond preconceived boundaries and into new territories. Their new LP, “Electric Flower Circus,” will be out later this year.

Up next is No Tolerance from Boston, making their Wilkes-Barre area debut. The band is compiled of a group of guys who make up countless other bands but don’t leave their hometown much. From their debut in 2009 to now, No Tolerance has released only about 15 minutes of music, but this output has reserved their spot at the top of all echelons. No Tolerance plays a style of hardcore that is geographically appropriate, fast, and abrasive, yet brooding and menacing at any given moment.

Disengage will be playing our first local show since last fall. We have been working on some new material and will hopefully be ready to showcase some at the show. While the band has been on the backburner for a little while now, it seems that some sort of return is on its way.

Another band making their area debut is World War 4 from New Jersey and Boston. Made up of key members of Floorpunch, one of the best hardcore bands of all time, and Boston heads, World War 4 seem to be an almost de-evolution of their previous bands. They stick to the bare necessities — good riffs, a heavy mosh part, great straight edge lyrics, and that’s it. Their second demo will allegedly be seeing the light of day soon, so hopefully new cassettes will be available at the show.

And finally, opening the show will be the premier of 3D. If you caught the article last time, you would see our demo is out now and still available for free download. I’m excited to see and be a part of Dana Youth’s return to his proper place as frontman, and I hope you are too.

So mark your calendars now — this show will be one for the books.