Gluten free and flavor full

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First Posted: 8/24/2014

The gluten free movement has been experiencing a similar upsurge to that which has been occurring in the craft beer industry. However, in the past the two industries have only crossed over with varying degrees of success, until now.

Whether someone has gone gluten free due to dietary choices, gluten intolerance, or suffering from celiac disease, the issue they will face is the need to give up drinking beer. What some may not fully realize is that beer is brewed with wheat or barley, which contains gluten, thus making it off limits to those who cannot consume gluten.

Many who fall into this category switch to drinking cider, wine, or a variety of spirits, but not their beloved beer. Brewers have been brewing gluten free beers, but not many have had the similar taste to the craft beers that many drinkers have come to enjoy. Instead, the beers were typically bland and flavorless, much like a vast majority of gluten free products that were initially the only ones available for celiac’s to eat until more companies began producing higher quality gluten free products.

Typically breweries substitute wheat or barley with sorghum which is a gluten free grain substitute and while it possess less flavor than its gluten filled counterparts, it enables brewers to brew beer that can fit in a variety of beer styles.

A number of breweries have begun offering gluten free beers, along with ciders, for drinkers who long for a good beer but unfortunately cannot consumer gluten.

However, for true celiacs some of these beers are still off limits due to worry of cross contamination, but these drinkers also now have options.

One well established brewery that is brewing a gluten free beer is Dogfish Head Brewery with their very enjoyable Tweason’ale. The beer, which also comes in at 6% ABV, has a sorghum base with notes of molasses and buckwheat honey accompanied by a hefty dosing of strawberries making for a delicious and refreshing beer that is good for any season.

Some breweries have gone so far as to brew only a gluten free beer for the masses, one such brewery is Green’s Gluten Free Beers from the United Kingdom whose beers are brewed in Belgium. Thankfully, their beers are widely available throughout our area.

Green’s also has a wide variety of gluten free beers within their portfolio so whether you are a craft beer novice or an aficionado who had to unfortunately give up their passion due to gluten intolerance, Green’s has great beer for you to enjoy.

The brewery has beers such as a Belgian Tripel Blonde Ale, Belgian Dubbel Dark Ale, Amber Ale, Dry-Hopped Lager, and the new India Pale Ale. The new IPA is just coming to market now and has the wonderful hop punch and dry finish that hopheads love, but without the gluten-filled malt bill.

There are new breweries opening up that are dedicated to a gluten free lineup such as New Planet and established breweries such as Deschutes, St. Peters, Epic Brewing, and Widmer Brothers brewing gluten free beers.

Whether you have made the switch to a gluten free life by choice or doctor’s orders you no longer need to suffer in a life without beer. Thankfully, there are a number of brewers making delicious craft, and gluten free, beer for you, so crack open a cold one and do not fear the gluten any longer.