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Ralphie Report: Charlie Puth talks ‘Nine Track Mind’ and a special video for fans

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    Charlie Puth confirmed to me that the “Nine Track Mind” album cycle is finished but he stopped short of saying that he wouldn’t be a part of any other new music before year’s end.

    “We filmed a video for ‘Dangerously’ just as like a fan thank you,” he revealed. “You know, thanks for this amazing life-changing year; here’s a really cool video for a very popular song on the album.”

    “Life-changing” is an apt way to describe Puth’s world since the release of “See You Again.” The Wiz Khalifa-fronted song, which served as the main single from the “Furious 7” soundtrack, went on to accumulate Grammy and Golden Globe nods while also racking up a billion plays on YouTube.

    Then you factor in Puth as a solo artist: three hit singles off a Gold-certified debut album with two U.S. tours in support of it. In addition to the LP’s title track, the singer has accumulated new fans through the airplay of the Meghan Trainor-assisted “Marvin Gaye” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” featuring Selena Gomez.

    “Kind of like a whirlwind,” is how Puth summarized the past year-and-a-half. Before that characterization, the singer noted that he would be taking a break after this latest tour so that he could work on new music. “I went from literally having nobody know me to, you know, having five security guards around me when I walk around Times Square.”

    The Rumson, N.J. native seems to be enjoying the ride. Just a few nights prior to our chat, he played to a sold-out Beacon Theatre in New York City.

    “We shut down two streets!” he exclaimed, before chastising me over a tweet I sent about some of the video he posted regarding the aforementioned shut-down.

    “Saw your tweet,” Puth shot back, while clearly amused before adding, “Don’t get it twisted. I read your tweets!”

    The one consistent since I started interviewing Puth a year ago is his demeanor: he takes his art seriously but certainly enjoys lightening up a bit too. Apparently, that doesn’t just occur during interviews either.

    “I joke around with my boys, The Chainsmokers, all the time, like, ‘When are we going to make a song where we can, like, turn up in Vegas with everybody and make a big party out of it?’” he told me. “I’ve written records with a lot of amazing, legendary artists, new and old, even in these past couple of months.

    “So … that’s all I’m going to say.”

    By Ralphie Aversa | For Weekender

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    Listen to “Ralphie Tonight” weeknights from 7 p.m. to midnight on 97 BHT.