Why this twenty-something entrepreneur is hiring bridesmaids

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Looking for a new career, or at least a few extra bucks? How does getting paid to be a bridesmaid sound? If you think it would be freakin’ awesome — and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t, since most women do it for free, anyway — New Yorker Jen Glantz just might have a job for you. The innovative entrepreneur is looking for women in Northeastern Pennsylvania — along with anywhere else in the country — to join her buzzed-about company, Bridesmaid for Hire.
The concept sounds like a plot stripped from a movie — but it’s not. Sure, Kevin Hart hit the big screen in the comedy, “The Wedding Ringer,” in January, playing someone hired to be a best man for a loser with no friends; but Glantz had the idea first. And while humor is her “bridesmaid super-power,” Glantz takes a more personal, caring and professional approach to her unique service.
Glantz launched BridesmaidForHire.com in June, 2014, after her Craigslist ad offering her services as a professional bridesmaid went viral.
“I was a bridesmaid so many times for my friends and I noticed behind the scenes at weddings no one was truly there for the bride,” Glantz said, deciding to capitalize on her bridesmaid experience and make money while providing a service that caters to the bride.
If you think hiring a bridesmaid sounds desperate, you’re not alone; so does Tina Chappell of Wilkes-Barre.
“Hold up, wait a minute. That’s what a bridesmaid is for, what a maid of honor is for — to be there for the bride. I’m just picturing a woman with more cats than friends right now. It sounds so sad to have to hire a bridesmaid,” Chappell said.
Glantz argues that hiring a bridesmaid is anything but pathetic.
“This is for people who have a lot of friends and want those friends to be stress-free and have fun with them throughout the wedding adventure.”
Once people understand what Bridesmaid for Hire actually does, Glantz said, they’re very supportive. She said her job is to be there to help members of the wedding party from being burdened with the stress of helping the bride, because they’re not trained to know how to deal with the challenges and obstacles that a bride handles.
Liz Bachmeier of Clarks Summits admits her inexperience with weddings put a strain on her big day; she could have used a professional bridesmaid service.
“I was only 23. All of my bridesmaids, it was their first wedding. Same with my maid of honor. They didn’t know what to do or wedding etiquette. It was a very stressful day — that we laugh at now — but I wish I had a helpful hand that day from a professional. As long as it’s someone who is warm, kind and understanding, I think it’s a great service. Why didn’t I think of that?”
Glantz’s expertise came from practice, she said— and lots of it.
“I’ve made every mistake in the ‘bridesmaid book’ and I’ve been a bridesmaid so many times now that I can anticipate when problems are about to happen and think way outside the box to fix them last minute.”
What is the cost for the bridesmaid for hire? Prices range from $199 to $2,000.
Sometimes she is in the wedding. Sometimes she is just there to assist the bride, which allows the wedding coordinator to focus on the venue details rather than be distracted by a jittery bride, she said. Her services include virtual advice via her online bridesmaid bootcamp.
Since June, Glantz has assisted with more than 30 weddings, and her services are growing in demand. The resourceful business owner is looking to grow her company by looking for women to serve as bridesmaids throughout the country, so no matter where someone lives, she can have someone on deck to fulfill the position of the best gal pal ever.
“It’s easy. [The perfect bridesmaid] is someone who is willing to listen and invite challenging and stressful wedding situations into their lives for a short period of time,” Glantz said.
Ariel Peters of Scranton said she couldn’t imagine being part of someone else’s big day.
“I don’t know, I would just feel really out of place,” she said.
Meanwhile, Erica Hogan of Nanticoke said, “Sign me up. If I could get paid for going to a wedding and making someone’s wedding the best day possible, that would be the best job ever. I love making people happy. And I love making money.”
Those interested in becoming a bridesmaid for hire are invited to apply online at www.bridesmaidforhire.com.

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