Your view: Show respect to your creator

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Why is it okay for someone in a state or government job to openly use the name of Jesus as a curse word but not OK for the same person to use the name in a adoring way?

Well, I can tell you why; it’s because they don’t have an actual relationship with the Lord because if they did it would be reprehensible to them to do so.

People, Christians as well as Jews, say G-d damn all the time too. Well I thank the Lord I didn’t teach my children to damn their creator.

I’m not a rule maker or a lawgiver or a judge. But really, isn’t it a shame this goes on?

Jesus is my Lord, my friend, my father, my savior. If I went around talking like that about you or your children, using their name as a curse word, I wonder how long I’d be able to get away with that?

Christians, wake up! Jews, better read your Torah. Unbelievers, I have no words for you, but I love you anyway.

A. Daniels

West Pittston