News of the weird: Pot for pets, Bullets and Beans coffee shops and ‘pesapallo’ top this week’s stories

Pot for Pets As nine states next month ask voters to approve some form of legalization of marijuana, a “new customer base” for the product — pets — was highlighted in an October New York Times report. Dogs and cats are struck with maladies similar to those that humans report in cannabis success stories: seizures, […]

News of the weird: Roller coasters to treat kidney stones

Frontiers of Science Large kidney stones typically mean eye-watering pain and sudden urinary blockage until the stone “passes” (often requiring expensive sound-wave treatment to break up a large stone). Michigan State University urologist David Wartinger told The Atlantic in September that he had recently happened upon a pain-free — even exciting — way to pass […]

News of the weird: Now Scranton makes Chuck Shepherd’s list for some weird news

Foul-Feathered Friends In September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, noting a recent uptick in cases of “live-poultry-associated salmonella,” repeated its earlier (apparently largely ignored) alert that people should not be kissing chickens (or ducks or turkeys). CDC noted the recent popularity of urban egg farming, but reminded “hipster” farmers and faddish pet patrons […]

News of the weird: Pittston makes Chuck Shepherd’s list for some weird news

Insanity Defined Police and prosecutors in Dallas, Texas, appropriately sensitive at having been the site of the 1963 killing of President Kennedy, have apparently taken out their shame on assassination buff Robert Groden. As the Dallas Observer reported in September, Groden has been ticketed by police dozens of times for operating book sales booths near […]

News of the weird:

These Shoes Weren’t Made for Walkin’ The upscale clothier Barneys New York recently introduced $585 “Distressed Superstar Sneakers” (from the high-end brand Golden Goose) that were purposely designed to look scuffed, well-worn and cobbled-together, as if they were shoes recovered from a Dumpster. The quintessential touch was the generous use of duct tape on the […]

News of the weird: Scheduling home-invasions, a once-in-a-lifetime shot and a sold-out show for a hologram are some of the weird happenings this week

Virtual Fandom The phenomenal Japanese singer Hatsune Miku (100 million YouTube hits) is coming off a sold-out, 10-city North American concert tour with high-energy audiences (blocks-long lines to get in; raucous crowd participation; hefty souvenir sales), except that “she” isn’t real. Hatsune Miku is a projected hologram on stage singing and dancing (but her band […]

News of the weird: Bathroom-themed restaurants, gender taken to a whole new level and India’s ‘baby tossing’ outlawed

New World Order Australians are about to learn how particular some people are about their genders. Queensland University of Technology and three other sponsors have created an online preference survey (currently underway) that asks participants to decide among 33 “genders” (since “gender” is, according to the World Health Organization, “socially constructed”). “Male” and “female” are […]

News of the weird: Toddler proms, plastic-eating bacteria and ‘designer’ leather top this week’s weird news

Designer Leather The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen (who dabbled in macabre collections, himself), might appreciate the work of acolyte Tina Gorjanc: She will grow McQueen’s skin (from DNA off his hair) in a lab, add back his tattoos, and from that make leather handbags and jackets. Gorjanc, a recent graduate of McQueen’s fashion school […]

News of the weird: Wrong ways to spend lottery money, bullet proof couch cushions and confused monkeys just some of this week’s topics

Frontiers of fashion As Americans’ fascination with guns grows, so, too, does the market for protection against all those flying bullets. Texan John Adrain has introduced an upscale sofa whose cushions can stop up to a .44 Magnum fired at close range, and is now at work on bullet-resistant window blinds. Another company, BulletSafe, recently […]

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