Quick Chord: Home Movies, Lake Effect, and High Falls

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Home Movies

Shoemakersville, Pa.

Sounds like: 90’s style pop punk

Fun fact: The members of Home Movies are collectively obsessed with Professional Wrestling and Ice Hockey, and they named our band after the Brendan Small show of the same title.

Find them: homemoviespa.bandcamp.com, facebook.com/homemoviesband,

Twitter: @homemoviesband, homemoviespa.tumblr.com

Lake Effect

Montclair, N.J.

Sounds like: Lo-fi alternative rock. For those who like The Replacements, Pavement and Superchunk.

Fun fact: Lake Effect has played a show INSIDE an art installation and another at a house with over 100 copies of Jerry McGuire on VHS.

Find them: facebook.com/lkffct, lkffct.bandcamp.com,

Instagram/Twitter: @lkffct, lkffct.tumblr.com

High Falls

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Sounds like: Alternative folk punk — soulful catchy anthems

Fun fact: High Falls is part of a larger musical/art collective called BFAC (Best Friends Artist Collective) which includes bands like Eli Whitney and the Sound Machine, Freya Wilcox and the Howl, Sketchy, and Tall White Asian Girl.

Find them: highfallsband.bandcamp.com, facebook.com/highfallsband

Instagram/Twitter: @highfallsband