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Hi Phil,

So, it’s been quite the weekend. I moved into a new apartment about a month ago and have been enjoyed being out of my parents’ house for the first time. I like having my own bathroom, my own bed and having the freedom to make my own meals, separate from those of my parents. I live by myself and have a pet goldfish named Dandelion.

I am writing to you because this weekend continued an annoying pattern of sounds coming from the apartment directly on top of mine. It literally sounds like someone is jumping on a pogo stick mixed with a loud motor noise every Friday and Saturday evening. I have talked to the leasing office and they told me this lady has lived there for 20 years, she is 88 years old. She lives alone and claims to have no animals, although I am beginning to believe otherwise.

I even went up there Saturday night while the noise was going on. As soon as I knocked on the door, the noise stopped and the little old lady answered the door in a rage, yelling that I woke her up and was invading her privacy. I apologized profusely and ran back to my bedroom. This needs to stop, but I am beyond curious to find what is be going on up there.

What is the best way to deal with a noisy neighbor? Am I wrong for almost missing my parents’ house and their meals and bathroom? It’s been a sleepless weekend and on top of it, I’m a Buffalo Bills fan so I’m embarrassed to go out in public.

Phil, what should I do?



Dear Barrett,

Thank you for reaching out. This is quite the quandary.

First thing’s first, I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to the Buffalo Bills. Things will get better my friend. Maybe not this year — probably not this year — but they will get better.

As far as your upstairs neighbor goes, that’s very interesting. It’s incredible that when you went up there to address the neighbor that the noise stopped and then she answered the door angrily.

It seems to me that something is definitely going on upstairs and while she may not have any animals or anything of the sorts, it definitely sounds like something is going on in that apartment.

I think you have a couple more options when it comes to the noise upstairs.

First, you should try visiting your neighbor in the afternoon. Just go upstairs and knock on her door and tell her your situation. Apologize for the other night and tell her that the only reason you knocked on her door was that you heard this noise coming from her apartment. You’re living on your own for the first time and this noise is starting to cause you troubles. Whether or not she’s actually making noise, it’ll get her to understand what you’re going through.

If that doesn’t work, try getting your landlord involved. The next time this noise comes around, call your landlord and have them come over and investigate. It’s your landlord’s job to provide you with a safe living environment.

But, hey, it’s also never wrong to miss your parents’ house. I moved out three years ago and I still do. Heck, I think I always will.

I hope this helps.




By Phil

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Reach Phil at 570-991-6398 or [email protected]

Reach Phil at 570-991-6398 or [email protected]