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Will You Accept This Recap? Season Finale: We told you so

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Congratulations, world. You win.

Once again, good guys finish last. Well, in this case, they finish second.

We had been calling it here on Will You Accept This Recap? and Will You Accept This Podcast? from the beginning: Garrett was destined to win ‘The Bachelorette.’

And guess what? He did! I know, shocking.

So, honestly, I was more interested in how they’d address Garrett’s controversy than the actual outcome.

If I’m being blunt, I thought Chris Harrison didn’t do that swell of a job in the interview after Becca and Garrett came on stage. He asked an open-ended question about how things have gone since the season wrapped, which allowed Garrett the opportunity to address his Instagram controversy head-on.

I don’t know what I was expecting. Probably because I don’t think that highly of the guy. But I’m not even sure if it was a great apology. Of course, he apologized. Who wouldn’t in that situation? But he more so referenced the apology he made on Instagram more than anything. I just hope he has learned from this and is a better person because of it.

At least I didn’t come away with an extremely sour taste in my mouth about it.

Now that the season is over and we’ve heard Garrett’s side of the story, how do you feel about him, Brigid?

BRIGID: I have to agree that I was more interested in seeing Garrett address the controversy of his Instagram over the entire episode. While I love the franchise, I can’t stand how drawn out the last episode always is.

It was very apparent from the beginning that we were correct in our predictions. Even when her family said they saw Blake as her equal, it was obvious she didn’t care.

So, a very predictable season came to a very predictable end. The ONLY reason I kept After the Final Rose on was to see how Garrett handled his problematic Instagram past.

And he didn’t handle it well.

Granted, Chris Harrison didn’t ask any tough questions, but he isn’t a journalist. His job isn’t to ask tough questions, it’s to keep his contestants comfortable. Both Becca and Garrett skirted around the heart of the controversy: Does Garrett hold the same values as those he has promoted on social media? And if not, why did he like photos making fun of women, school shooting survivors, trans people and different races?

I wasn’t impressed with the apology. As a man who is almost 30, you should know how to conduct yourself on social media. I don’t see how you like posts like that on social media if you don’t agree with them.

DJ: So, Blake.

I’ve came full circle on this. Blake should be the next bachelor.

I wasn’t sure Blake would be emotionally ready to be the next bachelor, but the way he carried himself Monday night was a pleasant surprise. He looks like he’s holding up pretty well.

I’ve also came to the conclusion that Jason might not be the best option. He has seemed like he’s campaigning to be the next bachelor instead of letting it come naturally. It feels a little forced, unlike Blake. Not a good look if you ask me.

BRIGID: I have to agree wholeheartedly.

I felt very bad for Blake watching the finale, not only because he got his heart broken, but because Becca seemed to use his anxiety as a scapegoat when talking about why she didn’t pick him, which says more about her character than his.

But, Blake handled himself like a champ throughout the entire finale. He said all the right things that make it seem like he is ready for the starring role. However, if I’m being honest, I think I would rather see a Jason season. But, he was campaigning WAY too much for it.

DJ: I also feel extremely bad for Blake after watching the way things unfolded while meeting Becca’s family.

Sure, they liked him, but by the end of it, they wanted to learn more about Garrett than him. Because, well, they also felt that would be who Becca would choose in the end.

Watching that unfold was the worst I have ever felt for Blake during all of this. Unlike what we’ve learned about Blake throughout all of this season, we didn’t have to watch Blake learn about his mom cheating on his dad and we didn’t go through a school shooting with him. But on Monday we watched Becca’s uncle ask what Blake thought of Garrett.


BRIGID: That was the craziest thing. I was not expecting that at all.

It was uncomfortable. And I could see how that would affect Blake’s feelings and where he was at with Becca.

I thought the redeeming part of his time with her family was when her sister said that they seemed like equals. That stuck with me.

Garrett talks about Becca being a wife and a mother, but Blake talked about her being a partner, and that seemed more genuine and loving to me.

DJ: So before we turn our attention to ‘Bachelor In Paradise,’ which begins tonight, what are your lasting memories from this season?

For me, it’s obviously tough to look past the controversies that surround Lincoln, Garrett and now somewhat Leo, but we also have to take the highs with us. We were finally introduced to Jordan, which was probably my highlight. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Jordan in Paradise.

It was also nice to see a guy from Buffalo go far.

And, hey, maybe, just maybe, we’ll get the next bachelor out of all of this.

#ClayForBachelor or Blake, haha.

BRIGID: Yeah, I have to say it was more lows for me this season.

I think this season taught us that ABC needs to take a hard look at their vetting process and then improve it.

And what would the world do without Jordan? At least we know that Paradise will be endlessly entertaining with everyone’s favorite male model.

By DJ Eberle and Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence

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Reach DJ Eberle on Twitter @ByDJEberle or Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence on Twitter @brigidedmunds