Weekender Mix Tape: Vol. 21

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Growing up in the early 2000s, a mix tape was a gift for a friend or a proclamation of love to a crush. It was a fine-tuned masterpiece, whether it was appreciated or not. We put a lot of effort into mix tapes, creating the ultimate track list and mustering the courage to give it to someone we cared about. Whatever you did with your mixes, it’s safe to say they’re a thing of the past, but vinyl made a comeback, right?

We wanted to share a little nostalgia with you. While we can’t make physical mix tapes or CDs, we can share what we’re listening to every week. Weekender’s Mix Tape will bring you a weekly playlist of songs picked by our team that you can listen to on Spotify or YouTube.

65th & Ingleside by Chance the Rapper • Single*

Natural by Imagine Dragons • Single

Submitted by DJ “Phil” Eberle – Weekender Advice Columnist


Summertime Magic by Childish Gambino • Summer Pack

Evolution Once Again by Big Data • Single

Submitted by Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence – Reporter, Weekender Columnist


Work Out by Chance the Rapper • Single*

Espy by WenBlvd • Single*

Submitted by Dan Stokes – Reporter


Come Over by The Internet • Hive Mind*

Heaven Hell Anywhere Else by Chastity • Death Lust

Submitted by Patrick Kernan – Reporter, Weekender Columnist


Gravity (feat. French Horn Rebellion) by Autograf • Single

Blame by Ekali, ZHU • Single

Submitted by Hartt Lang – Advertising Associate, Designer


Gravity by Turnstile • Nonstop Feeling

Fineshrine by Purity Ring • Shrines

Submitted by Toni Pennello – Columnist, Weekender Reporter


Partyman by Prince • Batman

Come Together by Gary Clark Jr. • Single

Submitted by Adam McGahee, Digital Media Specialist

* Explicit