Brooklyn synth-pop band Future Generations to headline night at Karl Hall

Dancy rock band Future Generations, hailing from Brooklyn, will be joined by fellow Brooklyn band Plastic Picnic and local Joe Burke at Karl Hall in downtown Wilkes-Barre on Friday evening. The show comes as part of a small tour leading up to Future Generations’ second full-length release, “Landscape,” which is slated to come out in September.

“Landscape” was produced by Justin Gerrish, who has worked with bands such as Vampire Weekend and Hamilton Leithauser, groups near to Future Generations’ hearts.

“It was really cool for us because after looking at what he’s worked on … especially the production of the drums and vocals on those records are really interesting,” explained Devon Sheridan, who plays bass and bass synthesizer for Future Generations. “It was a perfect, perfect match for us.”

The band brought a couple years worth of demos featuring its brand of electronic indie rock music (also described by Sheridan as synth-pop) to the studio, but a fair amount of “Landscape” was written while there.

“It was super collaborative. All five of us were involved and contributed in meaningful ways. It was a very cathartic and creative experience for us,” Sheridan said. “It was really nice to just go in there and achieve a songwriting process that we could feel really good about.”

The members of the group — also comprised of Eddie Gore on vocals and keys, Eric Grossman on guitar, Mike Sansevere on synth, and Dylan Wells manning percussion — met while attending Fordham University.

Future Generations was officially born in 2016 when it settled on its name and fifth member, Wells. Prior to its initial start in 2011, however, the band had a far more local tie.

Sheridan is originally from Scranton, an alumnus of Scranton Prep and West Side Middle School, and has lived in New York since starting college.

Sheridan is excited to be reunited on the stage with his good friend, Burke, and to return to the music scene he grew up with.

“It’s just exciting to be playing in NEPA … it’s been a while, so I don’t know what the scene is like, but hopefully these small venues like Karl Hall can continue to thrive and get good acts to come in,” he said. “It’s nice to kind of be a part of the NEPA music scene.”

Brooklyn-based synth-pop band Future Generations will perform at Karl Hall in downtown Wilkes-Barre on July 20.
https://www.theweekender.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/web1_Photo-Mar-01-2-49-56-AM_ne201871215734198.jpgBrooklyn-based synth-pop band Future Generations will perform at Karl Hall in downtown Wilkes-Barre on July 20. Courtesy of Shervin Lainez
Future Generations to be joined by Plastic Picnic, Joe Burke

By Toni Pennello



What: Future Generations with Plastic Picnic and Joe Burke

Where: Karl Hall, 57 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre

When: Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Music begins at 8 p.m. July 20.

Additional information: Tickets cost $11.80, including fees, in advance and are available at karlhall.org.