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Will You Accept This Recap? Week 7: Blake’s making moves

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We on the “Will You Accept This Podcast?” called Garrett the winner early on this season. Like, the first episode early.

My gut still tells me that Garrett wins the season, and Becca’s heart, but the separation between Blake, who we all believe will eventually come in second, and Garrett is the smallest it has ever been.

Out of all of the contestants, Blake seems to make the most out of his time with Becca. Monday’s episode was yet another example of that.

Blake revealed a scarring story that his mother cheated on his father with his teacher and basketball coach and that it has shaped how he builds his relationships through communication ever since. It was a touching moment and yet another example of when he and Becca connected on a level no one else has.

What are your thoughts on Blake heading into Hometowns, Brigid?

BRIGID: I have to say, this story hit very close to home for me. I had a similar situation when I was in high school with my father having an affair with someone who worked at my high school. So, I feel for Blake, and I understand completely how it shapes the way you are able to build relationships and communicate with people. And his willingness to be so open about it brought tears to my eyes.

I have to agree; he is definitely closing the gap between him and Garrett, and I was glad to see him get out of his head and really take the next step with Becca on that date. I’m interested to see his family dynamic next week for sure.

DJ: Before we continue, can I just point out the fact that Colton stole a rose from our boy Leo?!

Colton is nothing but a pretty face, and the sole reason he’s still around is that Becca is massively attracted to him. At least Leo is interesting. Like, really interesting. I felt like he was just starting to flourish as he began to get more airtime.


BRIGID: Well, with the announcement of Wills joining the cast of “Paradise” and no mention of Leo, I’m really hoping it’s because he is the front-runner for “The Bachelor.” I wasn’t expecting Leo to make it to Hometowns, but I’m shocked Colton is going. Yes, they are attracted to each other, but it just seems so superficial. It just doesn’t seem as deep as her relationship with the other men who remain, and I think they have all picked up on it.

Leo deserves love, and I would enjoy watching his journey for love televised. As for Colton, he and Tia can ham it up in Paradise. I’m over it.

DJ: So what were your thoughts on Colton’s “big” reveal, Brigid?

To be honest, I don’t think this whole virginity thing is a big deal. Well, let me restate that: It’s a big deal for people who hold their virginity close, as it should be, but it shouldn’t be a big deal as far as the season is concerned.

This has been a storyline for weeks, and then Becca basically freaked out when Colton told her on his one-on-one.

BRIGID: I don’t get why someone’s virginity is always such a big deal. I’m not saying that intimacy isn’t important in a relationship, but sex isn’t the only way to be intimate. And I hate that it constantly has to be this big reveal. He should have told her weeks ago, and it shouldn’t be a big deal.

If Colton has decided he wants to remain a virgin, that is his choice. And I wasn’t really vibing with the other guys also making a big deal out of it. I don’t want to sound super old-fashioned, but lots of people stay celibate until they are married.

I didn’t agree with Becca’s reaction at all. Again, I don’t think it needs to be this dramatic moment.

DJ: So have you recovered from Wills being sent home yet? At least he’s going to be on “Paradise.”

I think the difference between Wills and Jason, and why Jason gets to go to Hometowns — Let’s go Buffalo! — and Wills does not, is that despite Wills’ openness as far as a his feelings are concerned, he’s so reserved most of the time while Jason is not. Becca has such an outgoing personality that I’m not sure the two of them would have meshed well together at the end of all of this.

BRIGID: I’m still not OK. It’s not that I dislike Jason; I just feel like Wills was much more open about his feelings toward Becca and where he was emotionally. Jason refused to use the word love, even in the “I think I’m falling in love with you” sense. Yet Wills has put it all out there. Even if he is more reserved, he was willing to take the risk, and Jason just played it safe.

DJ: Gut feeling, who gets the boot next week? I’m going with Colton. Too much drama!

BRIGID: I also think Colton. At the end of the day, I think Becca’s relationships with the other three have just progressed more.

By DJ Eberle and Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence

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Reach DJ Eberle on Twitter @ByDJEberle or Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence on Twitter @brigidedmunds.

Reach DJ Eberle on Twitter @ByDJEberle or Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence on Twitter @brigidedmunds.