Will You Accept This Podcast? Week 6: Chris’ two-week meltdown finally ends

In a span of two weeks, we’ve seen a pair of villains leave us on “The Bachelorette.”

First, it was David. Yes, David. Not Jordan — #TeamJordan. Monday brought us the exit of Chris, who had quite the fall from grace this season.

Chris was one of the first guys to get a one-on-one date with Becca. I believe he got one Week 3, an episode after Blake. He had a strong showing on the date and immediately shot into my Hometown Four. But it’s been a slow descent ever since. And then it ended with a major crash and burn.

Chris knew he was in hot water after last week’s antics second-guessing Becca’s feelings toward him. You’d think if you got the last rose, you’d take a step back and re-evaluate your situation, right? Wrong. Chris doubled down.

However, this time he attacked the other guys, specifically Lincoln. It ended up backfiring completely, and now we get to look forward to seeing Chris on “Paradise.”

Brigid, I ask you this: Is this the worst meltdown we’ve seen in recent “Bachelor” history?

BRIGID: I would like to start off by saying I don’t know if I’m “looking forward” to seeing Chris on “Paradise,” but whatever. Honestly, I think this was a mess, mainly because Chris allowed it to be. Instead of shaking off last week as a fluke and moving forward, he stayed stuck in the same headspace as last week and just continued his downward spiral.

I’m very glad Becca ended it. His attitude started to raise some serious red flags, and I don’t know how he can recover from that in Mexico.

DJ: I don’t really want to spend too much time focusing on Chris, because at this point I lost any empathy I had toward him, and I want to direct our attention the real MVP this week.

Leo. My guy, Leo.

Leo was set up to fail on his one-on-one. He had to deal with the effects of Chris’ meltdown from the day before during the group date and comfort Becca. And Leo aced the test. He was able to comfort Becca and also show that he was there for the right reasons. Leo hasn’t been a guy searching for attention and spotlight from Becca, but he’s been a constant.

From the airplane ride to shucking oysters to some C-list country singer’s concert, it was a great date.

I’m not sure how much longer Leo’s on the show, but he’s a welcome presence.

BRIGID: Leo has been one of my favorites from the beginning. I think he is beautiful, and that hair is just gorgeous.

But, my favorite thing about him, like you said DJ, is that he doesn’t need to be in the spotlight. He has been quiet and unproblematic for most of this season, and while that made me think he was going to be going home, I was happy to see him open up and just shine on this date.

There was something so calming about his attitude, and I think it was just what Becca needed to get over the events of the group date; and honestly, I think the contrast between how Leo acted and Chris showing up to her room really made her realize Chris needed to go.

I might be in the minority here, but I think Leo is a great option for “The Bachelor.”

DJ: Jason also made major moves this week. Am I crazy to think he overtakes Blake as the favorite for runner-up this season?

Jason shared a heartfelt story about his dad and grandmother with Becca that, in turn, allowed her to open up about the passing of her father. It’s something the audience already had insight into from Arie’s season, but it’s telling that she shared this story with Jason first. At least as far as we know. Becca also said she could see Jason at the end of this.

Jason’s turned into a real threat.

BRIGID: I have also always liked Jason. Like Leo, he has been very unproblematic, and he just seems like a sweet guy.

And I can see him at the end of this losing to Garrett as well. She seems to genuinely like Jason a whole lot, and there is definitely some chemistry there. The story about his grandmother had me in tears. It was such an authentic moment, and it allowed Becca to open up to him as well, which made it obvious how far they’ve come as a couple.

He’s definitely one to watch.

DJ: So my last point about Jason brings me into my final talking point: my Hometown Four.

There are six men left: Blake, Colton, Garrett, Jason, Leo and Wills.

Believe it or not, this is a decently strong group. Becca has definitely showed some level of interest in each one of these men at some point in time. However, it does vary. You can tell Becca is — quote, unquote — “smitten” about Garrett, Blake and Colton, and she used some heavy words in regard to Jason in Monday’s episode.

So with that being said, Garrett, Blake, Jason and Colton are my Hometown Four. In that order.

What say you, Brigid?

BRIGID: I definitely think it is a very strong group of guys left, and there seem to be a lot of feelings between her and each guy.

While I think Becca is smitten with Colton, I don’t think he’s going to be a Hometown Four finalist.

I think we are looking at a Garrett, Blake, Jason and Wills as my Hometown Four.


By DJ Eberle and Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence



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