10 Things You Didn’t Know About: Jordan Ramirez

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Jordan Ramirez, courtesy of Ryan Mullaney.

Jordan Ramirez is a Wilkes-Barre-based singer, songwriter and guitarist who is known for his solo work as well as his contributions to local bands Half Dollar and Fake Fight.

1. Jordan’s favorite time of year is “when we all head down to the Renaissance Faire.”

2. Jordan is mildly grossed out by dairy, but it’s probably his favorite food group.

3. Jordan has always been interested in acting, but is afraid he’d be really bad at it and doesn’t believe he could handle the shame of such a realization.

4. Jordan doesn’t listen to music in the car. Instead, he just kind of sits there and focuses on driving. Sometimes, he’ll enjoy a classical piece on the AM radio; in fact, just the other day he’d heard a real “toe-tapper.”

5. Jordan used to fight with his older brother, Michael. One time, in front of the whole family, Jordan — showing remarkable agility and reaction time — caught his brother’s kick, and swiftly took him down to the carpet, much to the excitement of the small crowd. About a year later, he’d foolishly tried the same move and suffered grave consequences.

6. Jordan’s nose is now really strangely shaped but nobody knows for sure the root cause. It has unfortunately given him a lot of problems over the years including two surgeries and chronic allergic rhinitis, which isn’t great for singing, Michael.

7. Jordan’s brother, Michael, is now a doctor and claims that there is no possible way that any of these issues could be caused by a spectacular leaping roundhouse kick to the nose.

8. In college, Jordan was accidentally placed into an elective course (basic American History) that seemed, upon arrival, to be intended exclusively for foreign-exchange students. Jordan completed the course and did pretty well.

9. Jordan was raised Christian, but eventually defaulted to becoming an Egoist in his young-adult years. Much later — and after much hardship — he ate a strange meal, had grand visions, and became a Christian again …but in final form.

10. Jordan ideally would like everybody to hear his music but, at the end of the day, he is satisfied with his life at home with his cat, Viggo, and his girlfriend, Kamri.

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Jordan Ramirez, courtesy of Ryan Mullaney.
https://www.theweekender.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/web1_JordanRamirez.jpgJordan Ramirez, courtesy of Ryan Mullaney.