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Will You Accept This Recap?: Week 4

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There’s one place to start and one place only.

Jean Blanc.

So you could tell that Jean Blanc was upset when he didn’t get either one-on-one date and had to settle for a group date with 12 other men. From there on, he was pressing.

He wasn’t the star of the group date, which basically allowed Becca and her men to spend the afternoon as lumberjacks. No, that was my boy Venmo John.

Side note: It was great to see Venmo John get some airtime this week.

OK, so we go to the after party and Jean Blanc eventually gets his time to talk with Becca. He gives Becca some perfume he had made for her. It was a nice gesture; then he leans in and whispers something in her ear, which I think was that he wanted to kiss her. And he did. But it was awkward as hell. Can I say that here? I don’t know. If I can’t you folks won’t see this. I guess we’ll find out.

Anyway, Becca could sense the awkwardness of the kiss and so could Jean Blanc. So later on in the night Jean Blanc went back to talk to Becca again, interrupting her time with Lincoln, which is fine because Lincoln revealed he’s a flat-Earther. It was then he went all in and said he was falling for her.

Dude, really? You haven’t even gotten a one-on-one again.

It wasn’t well-received by Becca because it caught her off-guard. Becca, not sure that they’d be able to recover because she wasn’t feeling the same way, — naturally — decides to send Jean Blanc home. Then Jean Blanc decides to backtrack and take it all back. What?


Come. On.

So this has a ripple effect throughout the rest of the episode. No group date rose. Wills has to deal with the aftermath. No cocktail party.

It was all just so odd because I thought Jean Blanc could be in for the long haul. I didn’t see this coming. Did you, Brigid?

Brigid: I did not. I would also like to point out that Venmo John really was the star of that date. He was funny, competitive and really just rose to the top (or climbed, I guess). And I was very excited to see him get the group date rose. Now, Jean Blanc was one of my front-runners from the beginning of the season. I thought he would make it far, and he did seem very genuine until last night. I know that nerves can make people act out a little, but I saw a troubling side to Jean Blanc, and I’m glad she shut it down as quickly as she did.

DJ: So Jordan. I know this is probably an unpopular opinion — I don’t know, maybe it’s not — but I thoroughly enjoy watching Jordan every Monday night/Tuesday morning. Look, the guy’s not in it for Becca. That’s pretty clear, and I think even Becca understands that. But he’s great for the show. I mean, who says, “I’m someone you can’t put a label on. I’m much like a sponge. You can squeeze me and get everything out of me, but you’ll never know unless you try.”


Brigid: I mean, I’ve had my fill of Jordan. It is obvious he’s not here for Becca, and it was entertaining at the beginning, but I think it’s old now. He sounds like an idiot every time he opens his mouth, and gives male models a bad name, in my opinion.

DJ: So I’m done with Lincoln. And for the time being I’m going to look past the huge error “The Bachelorette” made in even casting this clown in the first place. But anyone who thinks the earth is flat cannot be taken seriously. The sooner Becca finds this out the better. Brigid, please tell me that you think the earth is round.

Brigid: Yeah, the news about Lincoln was very shocking, and I’m still wondering how his past went undetected by ABC. I’m getting pretty tired of their “whoops” attitude with the drama surrounding the guys this season. It’s a very bad look for the network, and I think it’s going to hurt them in the long run. I can’t even watch Lincoln and Garret on screen anymore without feeling uncomfortable.

DJ: Brigid, we’ve been on the Garrett train for a while now. And let me clarify, the Garrett train is just that we’re both fairly confident he’s going to win the season. Didn’t Monday’s episode only verify that for you?

Brigid: Oh, this week just proved he’s the one. I’m not going to deny their chemistry, and how into him she is. It’s very obvious. This one-on-one just showed how much they have progressed in their relationship.

DJ: Let me tell you though, I can’t wait for next week. We finally get the two-on-one everyone deserves. Jordan vs. David. Honestly, I think Jordan comes out on top because I can’t stand David anymore. And Jordan’s just good for TV.

Brigid: I’m sick of the David/Jordan narrative, and I’m so glad at least one of them will be gone next week. As much as I can’t stand Jordan, I wouldn’t be surprised if he emerges victorious next week. It seems like David is going to spend precious one-on-one time trying to get rid of Jordan. And unless you’re Tia, that generally doesn’t work in your favor.

DJ: OK, Hometown Four time. Garrett, Blake, Chris and Wills. Wills moves in after a solid showing on his one-on-one and after Jean Blanc just freaking chokes. Again, I didn’t see that one coming at all. What say you, Brigid?

Brigid: Obviously Garrett. I think Blake will still make it that far, as well as Chris. Venmo John is my wild card this week. I think he has what it takes.

By DJ Eberle and Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence

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