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Will You Accept This Recap?: Week 3

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Before we get started, can we all just take a second and pour one out for my guy, Clay?

In case you didn’t already know — if you read this you probably do, but I digress — Clay is Clay Harbor, the former Philadelphia Eagles fourth-round draft pick. And for me, in a season with a lot of duds, Clay has been a bright spot.

Clay has never exactly been the star during the first three weeks, but he has had his moments, and Becca finally started to really notice him this episode. The guy finally got a rose on a date!

But it’s sort of ironic that his time on “The Bachelorette” comes to an end because of a wrist injury that occurred during a game of football and he’s leaving to get it taken care of now so he can be ready to play real football.

I know we’ve talked about Clay frequently, Brigid, but I think not only will Becca miss Clay — that was pretty clear at the end of the episode — but we will too, as an audience. I’m not sure if his schedule will allow it — actually I’m pretty sure it won’t, at least until he retires — but Clay for ‘The Bachelor’? He is a still a free agent, so I haven’t lost hope yet.

Brigid: I am definitely going to miss Clay, especially after this episode. He was so sweet and genuine, and I’m very sorry that he has to go, and that he got injured in the first place. I don’t know about his Bachelor potential. Like you said, his schedule may not allow it. However, I am hoping that we will see him in the future — maybe as a ‘Paradise’ participant? Whatever the capacity, I hope we didn’t see the last of Clay. He seems like one of the good ones.

DJ: There was so much hype going into this episode — “The Bachelorette” producer Mike Fleiss tweeted on Monday, “Don’t miss tonight’s episode of #TheBachelerotte !!! Many TV critics have said it’s the best 2-hours of TV — EVER!!!!” Yes, I know he spelled his own show wrong. I don’t know, maybe it was just me, but the second episode this season was much, much better. I’m sort of tired of this David vs. Jordan clash, and I’m sort of off the David train. Not to mention, the much-hyped up “incident” was that David just fell out of his bed. And they didn’t even catch it on camera. So that was disappointing. There wasn’t even a true showdown between Colton and Tia. I don’t know, I just feel let down. Maybe it’s because Clay left.

Brigid: Yes, I agree 100 percent. This episode bored me a little bit. I am done with both Davis and Jordan. You know I’ve been done with Jordan since week one, but David has proved to be just as petty, which has been really disappointing to me. I know they add the drama the producers look for every season, but I can’t imagine Becca wanting to put up with the two of them for much longer. As for Colton, I was very shocked he got the rose that date. Not that I think he handled the situation poorly; I have to give the guy credit. It does seem like he’s here with pure intentions now, I just still question his motives for applying in the first place.

DJ: Speaking of Colton. So after Monday’s episode, I sort of have a problem with all of this. And it’s not about Colton. It’s with Becca. She’s afraid that Colton applied to the show hoping Tia was the Bachelorette. OK, that’s valid, but didn’t most people apply to “The Bachelor” hoping that it was Peter? As long as Colton’s moved on from Tia, which he’s said from the beginning, Becca should be OK with that. I know they’re friends, but still. Right?

Not to mention, the best part of that spa group date might have been when Becca forgot that guy’s name. Even I forgot it, haha.

Brigid: This I disagree with. Yes, obviously people applied for the bachelor last year hoping it would be Peter — which it should have been. But, none of those girls had a relationship with him. No matter how serious or for how long, the fact that he established a connection with Tia and then decided to apply sits with me the wrong way. I’m glad that Becca feels ready to move on from it, but I understand the concern.

And poor Jason! I thought he should have gotten the rose, personally. I thought he and Becca had an amazing chemistry and she just seemed geniunely happy spending time with him. I’m interested to see those two more.

DJ: I just want to point out that these dates on a whole have sort of been weird choices. Especially the one-on-one with Chris. However, with that being said, Chris is really starting to make some moves. I always liked his entrance, but he got really vulnerable for Becca and she’s really into that. He could move into my Hometown Four. What did you take away from the one-on-one?

Brigid: I thought Chris really shined in this date. As a child of divorce, I totally get where he was coming from with his reluctance to open up, and I really felt for him. I was worried at first that he might get sent home, but he was a champ. I think it was really great that he felt comfortable enough to open up so much, because I know it’s hard. I really think he is another geniune guy on this show who has potential to go far (and possibly be our next Bachelor). I definitely think he could make hometowns.

DJ: Speaking of my Hometown Four, it has changed again. But at the same time it’s sort of solidifying. Blake, Garrett, Chris and Jean Blanc. Wills moves out after wearing a sweatshirt with his name on it. Soft move, bro.

Brigid: I think mine have too. Obviously, I think Garrett is going to hometowns. I still think Blake is, even though I was not impressed with his insecurity on the group date. I get that you like her, but you signed up for this process, so get used to the other guys. My other two have to go to Chris and Leo. Just because I love Leo.

By DJ Eberle and Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence

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Reach DJ Eberle and Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence on Twitter @ByDJEberle and @brigidedmunds, respecitvely

Reach DJ Eberle and Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence on Twitter @ByDJEberle and @brigidedmunds, respecitvely