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Will You Accept This Recap?: Week 2

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After a mostly-uneventful season premier of “The Bachelorette,” Monday brought the drama we all tune in for every week. At least it’s why I tune in.

It’s a reminder that as much as I doubt it most days, I have my life together. I mean, I’d like to think I’d wear more than some underwear and shoes to a cocktail party. But to each his own.

From the feud between Lincoln and Conner over Lincoln’s pretentiousness about a photograph of him and Becca after he won the competition during the group date to Colton telling Becca he had briefly dated Tia, her friend from Arie’s season of “The Bachelor,” to Jordan ditching everything but his underwear and shoes mid-cocktail party, there were a lot of memorable moments for sure. I almost don’t know where to start.

I guess my first question to you, Brigid, is, are you on Team Lincoln or Team Connor? And I’m using “are” over “were” because this is definitely going to be a storyline moving forward.

Brigid: To be honest, I’m not on either team. I really wanted to like Lincoln. He seemed very genuine during the first night in the mansion, but I was not impressed with his behavior on the group date at all. I understand that everyone is there to win over Becca (I mean, I think everyone; I’m still not sure about Jordan), but the way some of the guys have been acting I thought would be more of a turn-off to Becca. Lincoln, who may or may not have cheated his way through the challenge, was a sore winner. And it’s understandable that the other guys were annoyed. However, Connor showed a huge red flag in how aggressive he became over a picture. I know he said that’s not who he is, but it’s who he showed us, and I’m not impressed.

DJ: To be honest, I didn’t even think about Connor’s actions as an aggressive move. But you’re 100 percent right. And despite Lincoln’s vindictive breakdown to Becca about the broken photograph and Connor’s temper-tantrum, the one big takeaway from the group date, though, was Jean Blanc’s rise. Jean Blanc was someone I liked heading into the season, but I felt like he got a little lost in the shuffle night one. I’ve already considered moving him into my Hometown Four — trademarked.

Brigid: I didn’t know what to think of Jean Blanc until tonight. Anyone with the title of “colognisseur” seems pretentious to me right off the bat. However, I was pleasantly surprised by his one-on-one time with Becca, and thought he made some smooth moves that we weren’t even aware of during the group date. To me, it showed that he wasn’t trying to be obnoxious or get air time during the challenge, rather just trying to get Becca’s attention, which is the most important. I thought he was smooth, and I’m a fan.

DJ: Oh, yeah, he was definitely smooth. I don’t know about you, but I felt pretty good about Blake after the premiere, and Monday just affirmed it. Becca’s falling hard for him. I don’t exactly think he’s her type, but I could see him getting a fantasy suite. However, I question Blake a little after he said he’s a “big Lil Jon fan” during their one-on-one date. I’m sorry, but what?

Brigid: Listen, I was pumped when I saw Lil Jon. I think he brought a good energy to what I was fearing to be a horrible date. Not because of Blake, but because of the concept of again bringing up Arie and Becca’s heartbreak. I’m hoping this date marks the end of the Arie mentions, because I’m over it. In fairness, I was over Arie halfway through his season. I think Blake was so sweet on that date, and I think he helped Becca put that chapter behind her. He also rose to occasion with how open he was during dinner, and I think showed Becca that his intentions are in the right place, and just like she put her faith in this process, he also has. I’ll start saying it now: “Blake for Bachelor.”:

DJ: Yup! I’m all for Blake or Clay for Bachelor. At the end of the day, it wasn’t the feud between Lincoln and Connor at the group date — Lincoln cheated by the way — and Jordan’s cocktail party stunt. The biggest “wow” moment from the episode was when Colton said he had dated Tia. Now, turns out this was already on social media, but somehow I missed it.

I was shocked, and for two main reasons. One, how did she not know this already? Clearly her and Tia aren’t the closest of friends, because if they were, I’m pretty sure Colton’s name would have come up in conversation at some point between January and when filming started. Secondly, where was Chris Harrison during all of this? The guy has one job. Be there for the Bachelorette or Bachelor. And he prides himself on being that confidant. Why didn’t he let Becca call Tia from the time Colton told her on the second group date and the cocktail party? It just doesn’t make sense.

Brigid: Before I get into the Colton debacle, I have to address Jordan’s stunt, which I found disrespectful and just utterly unnecessary. If you think the way to win over a girl is just to show up in front of her wearing as little as possible, you obviously don’t see her as an equal or respect her enough to try to make a connection in any sort of meaningful way. Even if he was going for shock-value just to get her attention, his demeanor when talking to her was off too. He was cocky, arrogant and didn’t seem to want to get to know Becca on a personal level at all.

Now, onto Colton. Poor Colton. He tried to do the right thing by being upfront with Becca, but the whole thing seems fishy to me. I’m starting to question his motives for being on the show. Did he expect Tia to be the Bachelorette? Did he sign up thinking it was going to be someone else? If I were in Becca’s shoes, that’s what I would be thinking. And of course Chris Harrison isn’t going to spill the beans; he needs the drama. I don’t know why Tia didn’t say anything, except maybe she didn’t know he was on the show until next week’s group date, which she and Becca’s friends are a part of. I’m looking forward to seeing how that unfolds next week.

DJ: Yeah, next week looks like another fun episode. So to wrap it up, and just like we all predicted, I’ve changed my Hometown Four after just one week. I’m going to go with Blake, Garrett, Jean Blanc and Wills. What say you, Brigid?

Brigid: Well, for those who haven’t listened to the podcast yet (What are you waiting for?!), I think Garrett comes out the winner in all of this, given ABC’s lack of statements involving his Instagram scandal (and how much Becca has been defending him), but my other picks are: Blake, Jean Blanc and Lil Jon. Lil Jon gonna pull the greatest upset since Peter didn’t become the Bachelor.

By DJ Eberle and Brigid Lawrence

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