10 Things You Didn’t Know About: The Cryptid

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The Cryptid
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The Cryptid is a four-piece indie/alternative rock band from Avoca. The lineup is comprised of Nick Montini on guitar, synth and vocals; Ryan Witman on drums and vocals; Patrick Cadden on keyboards, vocals and clarinet; and Brian Talipan (BT) on bass.

1. Nick and Ryan made a joke band called CJ and Lars’ Seasonal Orchestra and secretly released albums around their school in Ryan’s senior year.

2. The Cryptid used to be named Brother.

3. Almost nobody has gotten their name correct on billings. Notable screw ups: The Brothers, The Kryptid, Cryptide, The Cryptic, Crypted.

4. Ryan’s first words to Pat were “Hey you’re pretty good, want to be in a band?”

5. When Ryan suggested Pat join the band, Nick was 100 percent against it. In his defense, Pat did pull a knife on him on Halloween, the first time they met — dressed as The Joker.

6. Pat can’t breathe without an aid.

7. BT is also in the hardcore band One Step Closer.

8. Ryan still uses an LG Envy 2 from 2008.

9. BT loves RuneScape.

10. The band’s debut album, “Dam the Ocean,” came out in November.

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The Cryptid
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