The Prenuptial Project: A Farewell and a some parting advice

You guys.

It happened.

I’m married.

To be honest, I’m still getting used to it. I periodically looked over at Mikey on the honeymoon and said “We’re married.”

And since the wedding has come and gone, and I soaked up the sun in Aruba for a week, this marks the end of “The Prenuptial Project.”

It’s a bittersweet feeling, and I’m sad to be writing the final chapter, but so overjoyed and filled with love because of a perfect wedding day.

Mikey and I are so lucky to have been surrounded by so much love and happiness on such an important day. We tried to soak it up as much as we could, but as any bride knows, the day flies by.

At one point, I had asked Mikey what time it was.

“10:10 (p.m.),” he said.

Almost the end of our reception. I couldn’t believe it. I blinked and the day was over. I tried to take in as much of it as I could and not get swept away, but the inevitable always happens.

I can’t tell you how much I loved that day. From the moment I woke up until I passed out, it was a whirlwind of happiness. I have occupied this space to let you all know what my journey was like, and I think it’s only fitting to end this with what I learned, and hopefully help some of you out.

I should start by saying everyone in my life who told me not to stress about the wedding was right. Mikey looked at me the next morning and said “I wish we didn’t spend so much time leading up this stressed.”

I wished that too. But when everyone gave me that advice, I was convinced they just didn’t understand. I had to write a ceremony, my vows, make sure everything went off without a hitch (it never does), and also have fun.

It’s a lot of pressure.

And I let it get the best of me at times, but that day, everything I was worried about melted away.

So, in my infinite wisdom as an anxious person who was also a bride, what I will say to other brides-to-be is stress out as much as you need to.

It’s your day, and I know it doesn’t help when a million people tell you to calm down.


You’re not going to remember what the reception room looked like, or if the chair covers were the right shade of cream. You won’t remember if the centerpieces were perfect, or what the flowers looked like.

You will remember the important things: the ceremony, the vows, your friends and family sharing that night with you. It will go by in a blur, but the memories of the time you share with the people in your wedding will be what you look back on.

And so, if I could go back and tell myself one thing, it would be to relax, let go of the stress about the material aspects of the big day, and enjoy the most magical day of your life with your friends, family and new spouse.

Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence and her husband, Mikey, tied the knot on May 25.
https://www.theweekender.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/web1_WeddingEdmunds.jpgBrigid Edmunds-Lawrence and her husband, Mikey, tied the knot on May 25. Submitted photo

By Brigid Edmunds-Lawrence


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