Ask Phil: Where is the love?

Dear Phil,

I read your column every week looking for the answers to life’s greatest questions. But this one is big. I can’t help but notice every headline I read captures an unfortunate event that occurs in this crazy world of ours.

What’s wrong with the world, Phil? People acting like they don’t even have a momma! I think the whole world is addicted to the drama, only attracted to things that bring them trauma.

Overseas we are trying to stop terrorism, but we still have terrorists here living in the U.S.A. The CIA, the Bloods, the Crips and the KKK.

What do we have to do to set it straight?

Take control of our minds and meditate?

The world just ain’t the same, always in change, new days are strange, is the world insane?

Phil, I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, and as I’m getting older the people get colder. Most of us only care about money making, selfishness got us following the wrong direction.

I feel like I’m looking for something, an answer, a clue, I just don’t know what to do. Can you help me?


The White Nosed Carrot

Dear White Nosed Carrot,

Wow. You came in hot and heavy with this one. But thank you for reaching out. It’s always good to hear from my faithful readers.

Luckily, I think I can help you out.

I’m here to send some guidance. Because I can tell people have you questioning.

Just remember, above all else, stay positive. Nothing’s ever as bad as it seems.

It’s a drastic time for sure.

We need an antidote and a cure because do you really think Mohammed got a problem with Jehovah?

Nobody wants war.

Close your eyes for one second. Just imagine, if any prophet was alive in this day and age among you and I, do you think they’d view life like you and I do? Or would they sit and contemplate on why do we live, act and behave this way?

The White Nosed Carrot, you first have to realize that you can change the world by changing yourself. And understand that we’re all just the same.

I know it’s really hard to make changes, but two of us could help rearrange this curse, utilizing all the power in our voices. We have to come together as one. It takes one. Just one. And then one follows the other one and then another follows the other one. The next thing you know you got a billion.

People doing some wonderful things. People doing some powerful things. Let’s change and do some powerful things. Unity could be a wonderful thing.

Remember, we are one love, one blood, one people, and one heart, one beat. We’re equal.

We’re connected like the Internet. United that’s how we do.

Let’s break walls so we see through. Let love and peace lead you.

We could overcome the complication because we need to help each other make these changes. Rearrange the way you’re thinking that we can change this bad condition.

Use your mind and not your greed. Let’s connect and then proceed. This is something I believe.

We are one. We’re all just people.

All in all, love is the key. Love is the answer. Love is the solution. They don’t want us to love, but love is powerful.

Remember, The White Nosed Carrot, love is the key. Never forget it.

Yours truly,



By Phil


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