10 Things You Didn’t Know About: Abby Vail

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Abby Vail
Submitted photo

Abby Vail is a solo bassist from Jessup.

1.) I have two children: Cecilia and Chapman.

2.) I believe in Bigfoot.

3.) I am the self-titled pun queen.

4.) I used to keep a mini cheese grater in my purse at all times. It was grate.

5.) I’m proud to be a part of Northeast Art Project (NEAP).

6.) One day in high school, I got sent home for showing up dressed as Buckethead.

7.) My rap name is Abdominal Pain.

8.) My favorite hip-hop group is A Tribe Called Quest.

9.) I’ve been the bassist at Grace Bible Church almost every Sunday for about nine years and counting.

10.) I won bassist of the year at the Steamtown Music Awards in 2017.

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Abby Vail
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