Hairology: April showers bring the curtain call and rich brunettes

Happy April.

Mercury, the planet of communications is backward again. You need to confirm everything for the next month, like appointments, reservations, etc. Hair-wise, all retro with very finished looks. Teased, smoothed, and volume are the three hair words for 2018.

Oh yes, introducing the curtain call; center-parted fringe bangs are being worn by Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman and many more celebrities who attended the Oscars. It’s versatile and flattering, and it was introduced in the ‘60s by Brigitte Bardot.

Rich brunettes are big this year with golden and red highlights, which I’m going to recommend for Aries this month. Tell your stylist to keep the foils off the root for a more modern and low maintenance look.

In beauty, big changes are in the air. Hair is retrograding back to the ‘60s: bigger, curlier, wavy and brighter.

Taurus: Refresh your color with balayage, hand-painted streaks, which create strobes of lighter color, especially on long hair.

Gemini: Tousled waves created with a waving iron for structure. If you don’t have one, just wrap each strand around your curling wand; then release and mess it up.

Cancer: Get your hair cut in a bob with razored, jagged edges. Ask for a gloss. The look will be a head turner.

Leo: Tease the top and sides of your hair; spray them; smooth with a brush. Keep the back natural, and curl with an iron or use rollers! Line your eyes.

Virgo: Make a high ponytail, and then wave it.

Libra: Short with volume, tease it; smooth it; sweep it away from the face and form a pompadour on top. Large, hooped earrings, ruby lips. You’ll certainly turn heads.

Scorpio: Dark auburn, scooped up to the crown. Secure with a band, and then make a bow. Head out with your girlfriends.

Sagittarius: Beach waves, center part, any color you fancy.

Capricorn: Curtain bangs. Practice pushing them away from your face a few times. That’s for drama. Then line your eyes, red lips, long earrings, strut your stuff.

Aquarius: Black. Full heavy bangs, iron all of it straight. Consider silver slices, one on each side. Wow!

Pisces: Platinum blonde. Razor short, except for the bangs. Make them long and wispy. Let your beautiful makeup pretend to be icing on the cake.

See you next month when warm and sunny weather will be upon us.

Carolyn Salvaggio
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By Carolyn Salvaggio

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