10 Things You Don’t Know About: Archbald rapper Lucas Hex

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Lucas Hex
Photo courtesy of Autumn Granza

Andrew Merwine, who performs under the name Lucas Hex, is an Archbald-based rapper. He was born in New Haven, Conn., before eventually moving to Northeastern Pennsylvania. His new EP, “Sermons,” dropped on March 5, and is available on all major platforms. Hex will be touring to support the EP this spring and summer.

1. I started out screaming in metal bands and did my first “tour” with my band Aesthetic when I was 18. We had 10 dates planned and only about four happened.

2. I wish I grew up in the ‘70s sometimes just so I could see Kiss when they were young and face paint was the craziest thing anyone had ever seen.

3. I grew up in South Carolina after moving around from Connecticut, Virginia and Florida. I’ve been in Pa. so long though that it’s more like I grew up here.

4. I’m an obnoxious pro-wrestling fan and will argue to my death that it’s an art form.

5. I trained Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu for the better part of five years as a way to stay in shape and positively channel my younger self’s angst.

6. My dream “day job” is being a barber. If I could go back to school for anything, it would be that.

7. I’m addicted to Nike Air Max, because as a kid we couldn’t afford them, and once I started making my own money, it was the first “cool shoe” I bought.

8. I have been rapping since I was 14 but didn’t have the confidence to record something until I was 22.

9. I have two tattoos of Batman (in the same sleeve) as a reminder from when I was a kid that all I had for entertainment was Batman 1989 and a used VCR because I didn’t have many friends from all the moving around.

10. Corey Taylor and Eminem were the first people that ever made me understand what an art words could be. I’d still join Slipknot in a heartbeat if I could.

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Lucas Hex
https://www.theweekender.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/web1_29178234_10215516491605669_818789807940435968_o.jpgLucas Hex Photo courtesy of Autumn Granza