The Prenuptial Project: Checking items off the to-do list and biding my time

Slowly but surely, we are crossing a lot of things off the to-do list.

Invitations? Sent.

Wedding shoes? Ordered online and delivered (and luckily they fit).

This weekend, I went through my planner and crossed off a plethora of tasks, which felt great.

My invitations are finally in the mail, after a few weekends of finalizing lists, tracking down addresses and wondering who thought my handwriting was nice enough to take on this job. Spoiler alert: It’s not nice enough. But these are the sacrifices I make to not spend $30,000 on one day.

Mikey and I went to a jeweler and ordered bands to try on to see if we like them, which is another step in the right direction.

I then ran into another 10 obstacles, but this wouldn’t be fun if I wasn’t at least a little stressed.

My original idea for both shower and wedding centerpieces fell through. I thought I could get away with using some fake flowers for half the arrangements and it would look fine. Well, I went to a nice floral outlet store over the weekend and quickly realized that it might not be as possible as I would have hoped. I thought that they wouldn’t look too fake, whatever that means, and was surprised when they, indeed, looked too fake.

So, Plan B. That’s fine; I can handle that. Except at no point have I ever thought of a plan B.

For anything.

I found my dress at the first shop.

My shoes, that I couldn’t find for months, one of my friends found after searching the web for about 10 minutes.

I found vases and lanterns for centerpieces so easily.

There has been very little that has “gone wrong” in this planning process.

And saying that is jinxing myself no doubt, but I’m a rebel.

But there is still a lag in time until things will start to pick up again.

I can’t make a final seating chart until I know who is coming to the wedding. I can’t spray paint 20 lanterns with a looming snow storm every other day.

So I feel like I’m in limbo again.

I know I’m not. I have wedding bands to go try on, and a decision to make. When my dress comes in, I will have another panic attack about the fit and impending alterations.

Not to mention, I live a life outside the bubble that is my wedding. One of my editors mentioned needing to make sure I have enough time for myself.

That’s funny to me, because I realized the other night I won’t have a good night’s sleep until I’m in Aruba napping on beaches.

I can handle breaking out in hives for a few more months anyway.

Brigid Edmunds and her fiance Michael Lawrence will tie the knot May 25.
https://www.theweekender.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/web1_Engagement.jpgBrigid Edmunds and her fiance Michael Lawrence will tie the knot May 25. Photo courtesy Autumn Granza

By Brigid Edmunds


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