Hairology: Saturn is back in Capricorn; hair is in retrograde

Happy February.

In the midst of the deep freeze, I was warmed by the planets’ transition to a friendlier place in space. After two and a half years in Sagittarius, serious Saturn has returned to its home in Capricorn (that’s good). Pluto is there also, so whatever Capricorns have been trying to achieve, you have two and a half years to make your dreams a reality.

In beauty, big changes are in the air. Hair is retrograding back to the ’60s, bigger, curlier, wavy and brighter. One of our stylists is setting her long blond tresses with electric rollers. After it’s curled, she teases it big, smooths it, then prances down the salon runway looking retro gorgeous.

Aries: This is the year to go red. Keep it long and layered.

Taurus: I know you hate change. I know you like blonde. Keep it the same because next year, look out. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, is rowing your way.

Gemini: Because you change your mind a lot, let it grow. Then one day, you can flat iron it; one day, curl it; and one day, wave it.

Cancer: A partial foil, the color of pearls, and a shaggy razor cut. Mess it up.

Leo: Big and blonde and longish. Side part waved.

Virgo: Dark brown, permed in long, bendable wave sticks. Let it dry naturally; just turn your head upside down, shake and go.

Libra: Bayolage, tease it up, move it, and wrap it into a nape twist. Make your eyes dramatic. Put on large, hooped earrings, ruby lips. You’ll certainly turn heads.

Scorpio: If you really want a change, have your long hair cut into a short bob. But, tell your stylist when she gets to the crown, razor it, letting a few strands fall to the sides and over the bang. The strands can be colored various shades.

Sagittarius: Braid it, release it, and comb a wave over your eye.

Capricorn: Middle part, dark blonde, layered. Finish with a waving iron.

Aquarius: If you saw the Golden Globe Awards, Nicole Kidman had a center part with deep side waves. Twist it up, or let it fall on your shoulders. Highlight blonde.

Pisces: Your visionary sign. Remember in high school when your new curly perm caused a traffic jam between classes? Finally, you let your hair grow, so go back to the age of innocence. It’s time for another traffic jam.

Carolyn Salvaggio
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By Carolyn Salvaggio

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