Hairology: Curly perms, natural looks big in November

Even though it soon will be winter, everything is in full bloom — in clothing that is. Flowers still abound as well as retro hairstyles. Curly perms are big, and so is everything natural no matter the haircut.

Of course vivid red, yellow, green, blue and violet won’t let go. I believe it is because women are rebelling more than ever. Check it out. Black and white check that is; that’s big too. Speaking of rebellion, Venus (women) and Uranus (revolution) were in opposition in October. Hooray for the brave women of Hollywood. Enough is enough!

Jupiter, the good luck planet, has landed in Scorpio. It will be there for one year. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, Scorpios are in for a good year.

Hairology wise:

Aires: After washing that man out of your hair, you’ve changed your ‘do. Dark mahogany, chin length, long angled bang, ironed smooth and shiny.

Taurus: Still summer blonde, long braided sides, dried natural and messy.

Gemini: Your new eyelash extensions certainly compliment your eyes. You look sultry. Your nude makeup perfects the image thanks to Hilary, the lash and makeup guru.

Cancer: Silver blonde and waves galore, short, medium or long.

Leo: Well you did it. The first in your group to get a curly perm, long with plenty of volume. You look gorgeous.

Virgo: After letting your hair grow this summer, you’ve made an appointment for color and bayolage (hand painted streaks). How about chestnut and gold.

Libra: We all know you like balance. If your hair is long, try this. Turn your head upside down, have your stylist trim the ends. It will give you just enough bounce to balance your beauty.

Scorpio: The sky is the limit. If you’ve been thinking of a new look, go for it. Auburn, long or short. That’s this week. Next week, reserve a full day at the spa. You’ve earned it.

Sagittarius: Dig out your electric rollers. After 10 minutes, remove them, shake your head and go. Wow, you look like a movie star.

Capricorn: Medium length, bobish, with long layers. Chocolate with red highlights.

Aquarius: You’re restless. Invest in extensions, then get out the curling wand and let your hair dance.

Pisces: Neptune is still strong these days, so how about long, straight bangs. Have your colorist divide them in half and paint streaks underneath, turquoise, pink, and violet. Just before happy hour, mess your bangs, and let the color pop through.

Carolyn Salvaggio
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By Carolyn Salvaggio

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