For the Health of It: Get back to basics and refocus for results

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Not seeing results? Go back to the basics, soul search and answer all the tough questions about yourself and your program.

First, do you have a program (workout or nutrition program)?

Are you following it as best as you can?

If you’re on and off again, mentality it isn’t working. It’s time to refocus.

Next, identify exactly what’s holding you back and fix that. You can’t fix what you can’t identify.

Now, you’ll need a legit fat loss plan. The unrealistic “Lose fat fast with five easy moves” plan doesn’t work, hence your frustration.

Recruit accomplices. If your attempts of going it alone didn’t work get a friend to do it with you but only friends who you know will take it as serious as you. Leave the wannabes in the dirt.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. A good plan will always work. Always. Keep it simple but work hard. Basic exercises are best, same with meal plans. My best clients keep things simple.

Sign on the dotted line. If you start out committed, stay committed. Starting and stopping and starting again is one reason why you failed.

Zero in. Nine out of 10 people focus on the wrong things. Take pride in what you’re able to do not what you can’t do.

Find inspiration. Inspiration is everywhere. Turn that inspiration into self motivation. Talk to people who’ve succeeded and get tips and tricks from them and let that be a constant source of positivity.

You claim to know what you’re doing but aren’t getting anywhere. Go back to the drawing board, redefine what you think you know and start a journal.

Hire a trainer or someone with whom you can be accountable. If you can’t be accountable to yourself, fine — get someone to keep you on track and put something on the line.

Too busy? Maybe. But, don’t wait for life to “line up” just right. It never will. Start wherever you are. Use whatever you have. Do whatever you can.

Play the role. Be a role model of health for your kids, coworkers, friends and family. Don’t take good health for granted- someday, you’ll regret you did.

Straighten out. Understand that progress is not linear. You’ll have ups and downs.

Take responsibility for your own actions and stop making excuses.

Need help getting on track or staying on track? Take the first step. Then let us take over.