I’D TAP THAT: Nostalgia with a kick

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Submitted by Derek Warren

Description: Not Your Father’s Root Beer pours a deep brownish black with very little off white head that directly resembles the look of root beer. The aroma is that of classic old fashioned root beer spices backed by hints of vanilla and a pleasing sweetness. The taste follows on the promise delivered by the nose and an explosion of the best root beer you have ever tasted washes across your palate from the first sip. The delicious root beer notes are met with a balanced creamy texture and taste to create a beer that is undeniably easy drinking. The high carbonation and medium body aid in delivering a beer that is an easy substitute for soda, in the best way possible. This is a must-have beer for all fans of craft beer or even those who claim to not like beer but still enjoy a great root beer.

Glassware: The standard pint glass is frowned upon with craft beer for a variety of reasons, namely due to its lack of capturing aromas. However, with a beer like this, that replicates a wonderful throwback root beer, a standard pint will suffice. A better choice would be a willi becher or nonic pint glass if possible.

Food pairing: It is hard to find any foods that do not go with root beer. The same can be said for this fantastic beer. The wonderful spices and perfect carbonation make this a great go to beer no matter what the occasion. This is, of course, a dream pairing with many American dishes such as hot dogs and hamburgers. Don’t be afraid to pile the toppings high. The carbonation will easily scrub the palate clean in between bites. Another perfect match is pizza, especially one piled high with pepperoni. This is a pairing that will instantly transport you back to childhood so be sure to have a Nintendo console ready! The other extremely obvious pairing is with creamy ice cream. This is a beer that is begging for the beer float treatment. The ice cream will create an even creamier body and make for another time warp back to childhood.

Where can I get it? : Currently available in 12 oz. bottles at: Cooper’s Seafood House- Scranton; Exit 190 Beer Deli- Dickson City; Backyard Ale House- Scranton; Joe’s Six Packs to Go- Dunmore; Summit Cigar Shop- Clarks Summit; and Mrs. D’s- Scranton.

The Final Word: In the current craft beer climate there are many beers which garnish a great deal of hype and many seem to buckle under the pressure and cannot live up to it. Not Your Father’s Root Beer is one of those beers gaining a lot of attention as being a phenomenal beer. However, this more than lives up to the hype and is most deserving of it all. The wonderful creamy body and undeniable taste of classic root beer with no appearance of alcohol makes this a true beer wonder to behold. Not Your Father’s Root Beer delivers on all promises of being an easy drinking delicious beer and one that is very nostalgic, harkening back to a time when the term craft didn’t exist and instead there was simply true art put into all beverages. This is an absolute must try beer for all beer drinkers, even fans of good old fashioned root beer must try this one as well.

Remember, enjoy responsibly.