Apology No. 200

First Posted: 8/4/2014 There are things you realize as an adult that you’ll never fully understand growing up. First, when you’re out of high school, you learn that the reason your teachers showed videos in class is not because they were cool — it’s because they were hungover! That’s right. Your English teacher didn’t really […]

It’s getting hot in here

First Posted: 8/4/2014 Heat night club will host its grand opening on Friday, Aug. 8. Can’t make it? Can’t wait for it? Then check out for an exclusive first-look into the area’s newest night club.

‘Fiddler’s’ message plays on

First Posted: 5/30/2014 When a lifelong tradition suddenly becomes too heavy to bear, will you find the strength to uphold it, or will you turn from it in the name of love? This is the exact dilemma Tevye, the central character of “Fiddler on the Roof,” faces, and though his problems occur in the small […]

SECURELY FASHIONED: Packing tips for your tropical getaway

First Posted: 5/27/2014 I recently had the pleasure of taking a five-day jaunt down to Mexico with my husband. We used to frequent Baja and Tijuana, but this time it was the outskirts of tropical Cancun and some surrounding islands. For once in my life, I packed exactly the right amount of outfits and shoes. […]

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Dig’ up dirty gems with Kid Icarus rarities collection

First Posted: 3/10/2014 It’s fitting that “Dig Archaeology: Thirteen Years of Lost Songs 1999-2012,” a retrospective collection of demos and rarities from Dunmore-based indie rock act Kid Icarus, has been released on cassette by analog-lovin’ label Hope for the Tape Deck. So much of the band’s identity is steeped in nostalgia, from its chosen moniker […]

BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS: Winding down a Dead End Path

First Posted: 5/12/2014 Like anything, being in a band is hard at times. You get taken out of your comfort zone more often than you are in it, you are exposed to the elements, and are often vulnerable. Wilkes-Barre’s Dead End Path spent 2011 releasing a record and relentlessly touring. They would hit the road […]

‘American Idiot: The Musical’ @ F.M. Kirby Center • 03.05.14

First Posted: 3/24/2014 Photos by Jason Riedmiller

SECURELY FASHIONED: Forever is finally here

First Posted: 5/13/2014 It took forever, but it’s finally coming! The Viewmont Mall will be welcoming Forever 21 to its retail roster. The 1,500 square foot clothing and accessory store will be opening at the end of 2014, right next to Macy’s. Gone are the days of driving to The Crossings Premium Outlets or penciling […]

B-Movie Corner: Suspiria

First Posted: 9/2/2014 Welcome to B-Movie corner where each week a cult film is examined and suggested beer pairings to enjoy while watching the film are given, what do you think the B stands for anyhow? This week in honor of the impending Halloween season, Dario Argento’s classic horror film Suspiria is examined. The words […]

I’D TAP THAT: Daisy Cutter is a cut above the rest

First Posted: 6/24/2014 Beer: Daisy Cutter Brewer: Half Acre Beer Company Style: American Pale Ale (APA) ABV: 5.20% Description: Daisy Cutter pours a beautiful hazy golden orange with a frothy white head that dissipates quickly but leaves behind a thick lacing on the glass. The aroma is hop forward, primarily with notes of grassy and […]