JUST FOR THE HEALTH OF IT: Body fat be gone

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First Posted: 6/3/2013

I often write about the “no-nonsense” approach to losing unwanted body fat and how you should stop overthinking and just do it. I do, however, understand that the task is not always that easy.
While the process is fairly simple and straightforward, we often have reasons holding us back. Getting started might seem like a daunting task, especially as we start to get older. As we mature, we tend to become busier. We get married, have children, and move forward in our careers. This often allows less time to commit to staying or getting fit.
That doesn’t mean you should totally give up. It may be time for an overall assessment of yourself and time to reevaluate and prioritize your life. Remember to keep things simple when reevaluating yourself to increase compliance when following a new program.
Here are five ways to keep things simple when implementing new strategies:
1. Identify your risk factors. No matter your age, knowing your risk factors for certain genetic medical issues can help keep hidden threats at bay. Know your family history and see a doctor for a complete check-up.
2. Be active. The single best strategy for improving your health is to start an exercise regimen. Once your doctor gives you the green light, go out there and start moving. It doesn’t matter what you do, just be sure to maintain consistency. Exercise is cumulative and it all contributes to improving your health.
3. Watch your nutrition. Forget the fad diets. Focus on adding healthy foods before eliminating things. Add something new every day or week. Not sure where to start? Even if you don’t know exactly what to eat, most people know what not to eat. Start there.
4. Don’t overdo it. Planning on going out for a high calorie meal? Go ahead and celebrate, but just don’t go overboard. Be sure to exercise before you go out for this meal. You can’t pre-burn all the calories you will be eating, but you can help offset them.
5. Kick the habit. Don’t be discouraged if you tried to stop smoking in the past. It takes most people three to four times before they stop for good.
The list above is just a short guide. There are many more ways to ensure you get started on the right track. Most imporatantly, remember this: While most of us have busy lifestyles, having the determination and desire to become fit is also a state of mind. Overcome that, and you can overcome anything.
-Tim Hlivia is the owner of Leverage Fitness Studio in Forty Fort.