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Ralphie Report: Andy Grammer’s success continues upward

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Andy Grammer is currently on tour with Gavin DeGraw.
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    Andy Grammer needed to figure out how he was going to follow up 2014’s “Magazines or Novels,” his sophomore album which included his biggest hit to date, “Honey I’m Good.” So he decided to try out a new approach.

    “Coming off the last two singles (also ‘Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)’) which were both pretty up-tempo, high energy … there was no higher to go,” Grammer said on my radio show over the phone. “You can’t throw more of the kitchen sink in to a song.

    “This one is my first single that I feel like lets the audience come to me a little bit. I’m really excited about it,” he said.

    “Fresh Eyes” serves as the first single from Grammer’s forthcoming third studio LP and sonically reflects his West Coast home more than his East Coast roots. The song is super laid back and Grammer’s voice doesn’t jump many octaves as he sings about a stranger who he is smitten with.

    The track is certainly a departure from “Honey” but almost literally a product of it; Grammer’s gift to himself after the success of his second album was a baby blue electric guitar.

    “It’s my first (single) that I’ve done mostly on electric guitar,” he revealed. “I went in and picked up every guitar and amp for like, four hours and I left with this baby blue nucleus for my third album.”

    If you’re checking out Grammer on tour this year, you’ll get a chance to see the ax in person. He plans on bringing the instrument out for his supporting gig with Train followed by his co-headlining jaunt with Gavin DeGraw. Of course, Train recently covered the “Led Zeppelin II” album, donating proceeds from sales to a charity that benefits kids fighting cancer.

    So if Grammer were to pick one act to offer the cover treatment to, who would it be?

    “I think it would be dope to re-do an old Billy Joel album,” he replied, also noting that he doesn’t know the Piano Man (although his tour mate DeGraw has served as Joel’s opening act on a regular basis. “I guess I’d have to make the album first and then reach out.”

    Besides his upcoming tours, Grammer will spend the rest of the year working on his own project. The “Keep Your Head Up” singer is bringing an extra tour bus on the road with him so he can continue to create the album. Grammer hopes the LP will drop after the first of 2017.

    “That’s what’s so fun about this game is that everything just keeps being new,” he said. “When you do one thing that works, like it’s done. Your brain has to come up with something different. That’s the whole artistic thing. It’s been completely fun and reinvigorating on this album to be doing something totally different.”

    As Grammer tours the country and continues to work on his new album, he’ll also have the chance to find out if his fans feel the same way.

    Andy Grammer is currently on tour with Gavin DeGraw. Grammer is currently on tour with Gavin DeGraw. Submitted photo

    By Ralphie Aversa | For Weekender

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    Listen to “Ralphie Tonight” weeknights from 7 p.m. to midnight on 97 BHT.