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Model of the Week: Abigail Truschel

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Abigail Truschel
Sean McKeag | for Weekender


    Name: Abigail Truschel

    Age: 18

    Hometown: Mountain Top

    What’s something most people don’t know about you?: I recently went skydiving with a group of my friends. As soon as we hit the ground, we all bought tickets to go again! I absolutely love it!

    Are you a dog person or a cat person?: Dog

    My last meal would be: Steak and pasta

    My theme song would be: ”Life Is a Highway,” by the Rascal Flatts

    My best concert was: Fleetwood Mac

    For a good time I: Enjoy making music, spending time with my family, and going on mini road trips/adventures with my friends.

    What are you passionate about?: Music has always been at the core of my life. I think my biggest accomplishment was earning the Paderewski Medal in 9th grade and continuing to play and participate in the auditions thereafter. The medal is given to individuals who are involved in the Guild Auditions and have been playing a 10-piece program in front of an adjudicator for 10 consecutive years. By participating in Guild, I have experienced growth in many ways. I have learned how to focus, share my talents with others, discipline, and to accept both praise and constructive criticism with poise. In essence, I have learned qualities that will be part of my character my entire life.

    Favorite bar/restaurant: Santa Fe Cafe in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

    Who do you admire?: My parents, siblings and grandparents. They are all extremely smart, honest, hardworking, and dedicated individuals who are my inspiration and biggest fans. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people in my life.

    photos by Sean McKeag | for Weekender McKeag | for Weekender McKeag | for Weekender McKeag | for Weekender McKeag | for Weekender McKeag | for Weekender

    Abigail Truschel Truschel Sean McKeag | for Weekender