Weekender Live, 09.23.15-09.29.15

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    Bar on Oak: Line Dancing

    Bar Louie: DJ Hersh

    Budd’s Pizza: DJ Karaoke

    Metro: Team Trivia

    The Other Side: All Ages Open Mic – Speakeasy Wednesday


    Bar Louie: SIN Night Bar On Oak: The Tones

    Breakers: Karaoke Party

    Budd’s Pizza: DJ Karaoke

    Elixir: Kate Hearity

    Metro: Karaoke Contest

    P & J’s: Open Mic Night w/ Jay Orrell

    Sherman Theater: Asleep at the Wheel


    6 String Saloon: Long Strange Trip

    Bar Louie: Nowhere Slow

    Breakers: UUU

    Brickhouse Tavern: Terry Oke Karaoke

    Budd’s Pizza: DJ Karaoke

    Elixir: Aaron Fink

    Grotto Harvey’s Lake: Jeanne Zano

    Grotto Wilkes-Barre: Third Degree

    P & J’s: Whiskey ‘N Woods

    River Street Jazz Café: Mike Miz & Till the Cows Come Home

    Sherman Theater: Pink Talking Fish: a Fusion of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, and Phish | POWWOW

    The Other Side: Disco Fever

    Wise Cracker’s Comedy Club: Rodney Laney, Rob Ryan and Scott Bruce


    6 String Saloon: Jeanne Zano Band

    Bar Louie: Shake 3x

    Breakers: 40 lb Head

    Brickhouse Tavern: Rhythm & Booze

    Budd’s Pizza: Dave Yefko as El Tabasco, Elvis Tribute

    Elixir: Robb Brown

    P & J’s: Dead Giveaway

    Sherman Theater: The Bell Bottom Blues – Eric Clapton Tribute

    River Street Jazz Café: Subnotics

    The Other Side: MANG – Ween Tribute

    Tommyboy’s: Dirty Hand

    Wise Cracker’s Comedy Club: Rodney Laney, Rob Ryan and Scott Bruce


    P & J’s: Bike Night w/ DJ TraceeDecee


    Holland Sound Studios: Check us out on ustream.tv


    Bar on Oak: Karaoke with Tony Piazza

    Budd’s Pizza: DJ Karaoke

    Tommyboy’s: Open Mic Night