Weekender Live, 07.22.15-07.28.15

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    Bar on Oak: Line Dancing

    Metro: Team Trivia

    Sherman Theater: Wolf and the Lost Ones – Living Room Series


    Bar Louie: Toolshed Jack Trio Bar On Oak: The Tones

    Breakers: Down 2 Earth – After Party in Breakers

    Metro: Karaoke Contest


    Bar Louie: Leash

    Breakers: Nowhere Slow

    Grotto Harvey’s Lake: Party Mouth

    Grotto Wilkes-Barre: Kira Duo

    Lower End: Licker’d Up

    River Street Jazz Café: Live At The Filmore

    Sherman Theater: Emily Mure – Living Room Singer/Songwriter Series

    WiseCrackers Comedy Club: Charlie Wiener, Vinnie Mark and Scott Bruce


    Bar Louie: Fake Uncle Jack

    Breaker’s: Alakazam

    Grotto Harvey’s Lake: Country Night with Tiffany & Jonny D

    Lower End: Empire in Decline

    River Street Jazz Café: Underworld

    Rox 52: Liar, Liar

    Sherman Theater: McElligott School of Irish Dance – 20th Anniversary Recital | King Dead- Living Room Series

    Susquehanna Tavern: Dustin Drevitch

    WiseCrackers Comedy Club: Charlie Wiener, Vinnie Mark and Scott Bruce


    Grotto Harvey’s Lake: The Third Nut

    Lower End: DJ Tracee Decee

    Rox 52: Lenny Dykstra Signing Autographs @ 7P

    Sherman Theater: Zappa Plays Zappa


    Holland Sound Studios: Six Bar Break on ustream.tv


    Bar on Oak: Karaoke with Tony Piazza

    Sherman Theater: Jason Isbell | On Your Marks – Living Room Series

    Tommyboy’s: Open Mic Night