Weekender Live, 07.15.15-07.21.15

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    Bar on Oak: Line Dancing

    Metro: Team Trivia

    Sherman Theater: David Jacobs – Strain & Bob Beach – Living Room Series


    Bar On Oak: The Tones

    Breakers: Stealing Neil – After Party in Breakers

    Lower End: Open Mic Night with Jay Orel

    Metro: Karaoke Contest

    Sherman Theater: Chris Young | MY Show featuring Wizard Eye – Living Room Series


    Bar Louie: Ostrich Hat

    Breakers: M80

    Grotto Harvey’s Lake: Omnitial

    Grotto Wilkes-Barre: Kira Duo

    Lower End: SammiZ & Sergio Marzitelli Comedy Showdown

    River Street Jazz Café: Dustin Drevitch & The Electric Gentlemen

    Sherman Theater: Aiming For Average – Living Room Series

    WiseCrackers Comedy Club: Joe Matarese, Steve Lazarus and Scott Bruce


    Bar Louie: Jigsaw Johnny

    Breaker’s: The Chatter

    Grotto Harvey’s Lake: Country Music Karaoke with Lisa & Daryl

    Lower End: Stand Bac

    River Street Jazz Café: Halfway to Hell – AC/DC Tribute

    Susquehanna Tavern: Nick Coyle

    WiseCrackers Comedy Club: Joe Matarese, Steve Lazarus and Scott Bruce


    Bar On Oak: Hunks: The Show @ 6P

    Grotto Harvey’s Lake: Paul Martin

    Lower End: DJ Tracee Decee

    Kingston VFW: Paul Matreselva Jr. Benefit 1-8PM


    Holland Sound Studios: Dani-elle Kleha on ustream.tv


    Bar on Oak: Karaoke with Tony Piazza

    Sherman Theater: Three Days Grace

    Tommyboy’s: Open Mic Night