Breakers Battle of the Bands heads into semi-finals — and a wildcard is shaking things up!

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    Shake Shake Shake

    Coast 2 Coast

    Dead Giveaway

    Nowhere Slow

    The Chatter

    Eight bands from the tri-state area are so close to $10,000 that they can taste it as Breakers Battle of the Bands at Mohegan Sun Pocono heads into its semi-final round of competition at 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 7. The winning groups from the first four weeks of competition — Shake Shake Shake, The Chatter, Nowhere Slow and Coast to Coast — will be joined with a wildcard — Dead Giveaway — who will be getting a second chance to dominate the competition.

    Ryan Purdy of Mohegan Sun Pocono says the wildcard will give a talented group that may not have had the opportunity to advance to the semi-finals based on votes to show the crowd why they deserve to be the champion at the finale on May 21.

    Jason Bradwick of Harvey’s Lake has attended the competition every week. “It’s a great night out with great entertainment. I’ve been following it every week and I’m looking forward to see who’ll win the whole thing,” he said.

    Imagine if the wildcard takes it all?